How many losses for the ticats this year?

im gonna say 18

I will say 16 or 17.. this team looks like it has not improved over last year.

id love to see them do have to chear for the ticats....Rob murphy is an absolute bad guy....he has no talent hes just dirty.

I felt real bad for the Ticats after the game ended. Then I realized that I had the exact same thought at the end of their first game last year (and probably the year before that and ...). I admit that I do have to wonder if they have moved forward at all - but it is the first game - hope springs eternal and I sure hope there has been progress. It is not good for the league - which is also the same thought I had last year ...

as for the question, I think they lose 12 ... or putting it more positively, they win 6.

There is a reason pretty much every Rider fan I know was laughing his/her butt off when Bellefeuille became the interim head coach last year...and yes, I'm aware the 'Cats were not performing well before him, but I would be shocked if they improved to any significant degree under him.

Agreed jm02, I think you can add the Montreal fans as well.

i dont see them winning a game all year.

when they were down by 20 points with 11 mins left and on 2nd and 15, they go for a 3-yard sideline pass..???


I know I'm in the minority here but I still think the tabbies will make the playoffs. I'm no fan of their head coach but after a lousy start in the first quarter, they actually played better than Toronto did. I put it down to first game jitters.

I say they go 4-14

I love the Tabbies, but for the life of me I can't imagine who they will beat unless they improve dramatically. The Argos? The Bombers? Maybe Saskatchewan? I doubt they can beat anybody else unless some team takes severe injuries.

I'll have to say MAYBE they'll win three games. At most.

...could the Cats duplicate the futility of the nfl Detroit Lions and go zippo for the year.....Highly unlikely...but they sure didn't show the much talked about 'improvement' over 08 in the Argo game.....Which brings the question....were the Argos that much better....or were the Cats playing, like they were still in 08... :roll: :roll: They have to address some glaring probs. ... their d up-front is sorely running back (at least after last night, i think they're all on the IR)...and Greg Marshall really needs a better game plan...looks like the same 'poop' he was dishing up in the Peg...When they address all of that, for starters, they could put together a better contender....and i won't bring up the Bombers as the question related to the Cats....but as a throw in ...Milt Stegall said he thought the Bombers and Catsa would be equal in the oh my....I hope you're wrong Milt... :lol:

we wont know til next week, right?
argos vs riders.
ticats vs lions.

…that should bring clairity.

I predict 6-12 this year improving to 9-9 next year. I saw a whole lot of potential yesterday and the TiCats are not pushovers.

I don't want to write the Cats off after one game. But my feeling (subject to revision over the next 3-4 weeks) is that they'll be lucky to go 6-12.

I think they'll beat Saskatchewan :twisted:

i say 5 wins so i guess thats 13 losses
but at least you get first pick in draft again

I'll say another 3-15 year. They looked bad against the Argos on Wednesday night. Special teams was good though

Improved special teams, getting some big returns while allowing none.
An improved offensive line, whose six sacks were allowed well after the ball should have been gone.
A better QB, who just needs to get rid of the ball quicker. Only experience can get you that, and starting Glenn won't get him that.
A defence that needs improvement, but seemed to get better as the game went on, and has one of the top DCs in the CFL to make it happen.

How many losses for the Tigercats this year? At least one. Just like B.C., Calgary and Winnipeg.

I love how everyone is saying this after one game...

I was at the game last night, and I admit I was ticked right off. I kept thinking same old, same old. But after further review, certain things came to mind...

1)The Ticats were facing a brand new coach to the CFL, including the Coordinators. NOBODY has any idea of what this coach is like, other then what they know from the NFL. The Ticats pretty much went in this game blindly, not quite knowing what to expect. Same with facing Trestman and Montreal in the season opener last year. Not an excuse, just saying...

  1. After seeing what the Argos were throwing at them in the first quarter, the proper adjustments were made. In the last 3 quarters, we allowed only 10 points, and outscored the Argos 17-10.

  2. They got 4 sacks in the game. I don't think we got 4 sacks in the FIRST 4 GAMES LAST YEAR! And that's against a much improved Toronto O-line

  3. Porter, really didn't play that bad. It would be nice if the picks came down a bit, but overall, he was alright. People tend to forget it was only his sixth start of his career. Better then Printers last year.

  4. NOT AN EXCUSE... but we were robbed by the refs on one non-call. The one Argo kicker tripped McDaniel on what was probably going to be a TD. The refs didn't call it. This was such a bad non-call that even the refs admitted after the game that they missed the call. I know everyone's going to say 'ya, but you lost by more then a TD, so it wouldn't matter'. But it would. The TD would have been a huge momentum swing. Who knows what could have happened after that. That being said, the Ticats need to get better at responding to adversity.

So there you have it. I say, 6 wins. And to be honest, I'd be THRiLLED with that. :thup: