How many left? (from '06 team)

Haven't the time to do a head count and haven't seen any numbers (sorry if alraeady mentioned) about how many new faces in (or old faces out) with the team. :?

Also, CFL Broadband hasn't listed this seasons games yet (just has '06 archived). Any info when or if this may be done? I'm gettng antsy since it's so close to game day.

Thanks Guys

Of the 57 players listed on the roster page (active, injured, and practice roster) I count 28 who were here for at least part of last season.

Thats pretty much half gone. Thats not as bad as I thought, but still very high. I'm bettin' the percentage will grow (that should be into the "positive") :wink:

At training camp, I counted 15 players that had been with the team for more than one season.

That has since changed...