how many kick returners are needed?

this guy, Nunn (who is a receiver as well i guess, plus Dorsey (we still hold a contract, they had better bring him to camp) and Mullen.

BTW...Charles was statistically their best returner last year.

Kickoff Returns Yds Avg LG TDs
DORSEY, D 24 500 20.8 31 0
MULLEN, R 24 498 20.8 43 0
CHARLES 17 376 22.1 46 0

Didnt they already release Grice-Mullen?

Grice-Mullen to the best of my knowledge is done
As for the topic in question

We just need 2,
38 Special, aka Tristan Jackson… ( WOOHOO! ) and someone on the other side which could be Nunn or Charles or someone…

I for one am quite happy with the Esks trade to get 38 Special.

Dorsey has not been on the roster for a few months and has been on the CFL free agent list for some time!

I don't care what name is on the back of the jersey. The only KR I'm interested in is the one who takes the pigskin to the house.

I just want a guy back there that won’t drop the ball once a game average, and not one of our star receivers (Dressler)! That just scared me when they put him in.

I still feel the biggest issue was the special teams coaching, not the returners. They all start out good, then after a few games go downhill, like they are trying to force it…like too much pressure is being put on them by a coach. Besides they fact that our ST coaches could not read a play and never gambled once all year…but that is another thread already ridden to death.

Psssst... We signed Tristan Jackson for kick returns. We'll be just fine. :wink:

Not unless our blocking improves. You could put your favorite deity back there last year and they would have been creamed on every return as well. I'm anticipating that the best upgrade we made to our return game was banishing Daley.

personally I was fine with our return game other than the fumbles. It was the total lack of ST creativity and the inability to read a single fake all season that upset me. There was more than once that me and my friends were screaming FAKE prior to the snap, including the GC when, for the first time in the game, the backfield had a different formation...we thought it was fairly obvious. The fact that we never ran a ST fake all season was also alarming.

The biggest thing was however when Daley told Miller to "punt" for the win. To me this says that Miller was letting Daley call all of the ST shots and not over ruling special plays to "play it safe."

Yes, the departure of Daley was overdue by about 2/3 of a season. We should have got rid of him, NOT Dorsey.