How many guys have won both a Grey Cup and a Stanley Cup?

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That is such a classic story. LOL. I would have loved to see that in person. I would be doing the same as your friend did.

Thanks for sharing that story.

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I'm so glad to hear he is not forgotten by some of us.


Glad to share. I still laugh at it... Same guy went to an Argo game with me many years ago at the old Ex Stadium. We had a few pops. After the game on the way out we were walking and beside us about 20 feet away was Bill Davis the Premier of Ontario then. My buddy yelled out "Hey Bill !" Bill looked over and said what my buddy thought was "We lost." because the Argos had lost the game... I immediately told my friend that Bill had not said "We lost.", he had said "GET LOST!" I ragged him for years about it. I still bug him to this day. He is not so sure anymore that Bill didn't tell him to GET LOST. I told him that Harold had warned Bill about him. :laughing:
Another Canadian hero who is almost forgotten is Tom Longboat. also Ned Hanlan !


in all humility I can say, I have won as many Stanley Cups as I have Grey Cups.

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Ballard was a jerk. He didn’t care about how lousy the Leafs were, as long as the stands were full. Leafs fans are loyal and he used that against them.
Glad I grew up a Habs fan.

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Another great story. Thanks for sharing. Not familiar with Ned Hanlan. I will research him. I know about Tom Longboat. Percy Williams is another great Canadian Olympian. There a lot of forgotten hero's. Sam Langford is another. One of the best boxers of all time. I have a piece that I'm working on about him. I'm going to post it on my Linkedin account.

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How about Byron of the original and still owners of the Flames and later CSEC. 1989 Stanley Cup, 2008, 2014, 2018 Grey Cups

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If were going with non - players, then yes. You can also put Wayne Gretzky then with his 1991 Argonauts up there also with his Oilers of the 80's.

I was going strictly on only players.

There were a few players that played in NHL and CFL!!
Remember a kicker for Winnipeg played in both leagues.
Must have been more?

Yes, Ballard was a jerk. When the Beatles played at Maple Leaf Gardens in the summer of 1965, Ballard ordered the Gardens operations staff to shut off the water fountains and to turn on the heat in the arena just so the concert attendees would have to buy pop and ice cream at triple the price. A sleazebag he was!!!


You guys sure are hard on old Hal. After all, he paid his debt to society. :laughing: I always felt kinda sorry for him. He was laughable. He was a clown who thought he was a sports tycoon. Sad really... One thing-it was never dull when Ballard was around.... Sooo arrogant in the public eye. Maybe it was a show he put on because he donated to many charities and never blew his own horn about it. He let minor leagues play their championship games in the Gardens and supplied pop and popcorn... all for free !!
The best thing Harold ever did for the Leafs was he signed Wendel Clark. The best all round hockey player ever.
It's hard to hate someone you feel sorry for. That's how I feel about Ballard.

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There most likely is very few that played both. I know the guy your thinking of. There was a book out in 2011 called Kid Dynamite. It was about Jerry James. Not sure if he won both. I got to research that.

Red Story was a referee in the NHL and CFL. I believe is in both Hall of Fames.


Sorry Gerry James.

Looking at Gerry James stats, he won Grey Cups with Winnipeg in 1958, 1959, 1961, and 1962. He did not win a Stanley Cup with the Maple Leafs when he played in the 50's. I know in 1951 they won with the Bill Barilko goal. James was still playing junior at that time though.

Red Storey was great guy. I met him a few times. He won 2 GCs but no Stanley.

He would have been so cool to meet.

How about the story about on he treated Muhammad Ali when he fought George Chavalo at the Gardens, After they signed off on the fight, Ali asked for a place where he could pray, Ballard pointed to the washroom. What a dick move

Professional hockey is a business. Ballard was a business man and was highly successful at it.
He was under no obligation to hockey fans to give them a Stanley Cup. He offered a product. People bought the product. Every night. If you hated it but still bought it that is your problem not his.
For every flaw he also possessed the opposite trait. Cheap with with players but generous with charities. Mean and petty to people close to him. Empathetic and kind to the poor and ex cons. Fired good people at the drop of hat but kept incompetent people on payroll because he felt sorry for them.
Simply reducing Ballard to "he's a clown", "Leafs sucked when he owned them" is a uninformed and ignorant take.


You Harold's long lost son or something?

You are an informative, insightful contributor to this topic and many others.