How many GMs dose it take to blowup a team?

What a sad excuse for a football team managed by incompetent staff. No less than 3 GMs couldn't find enough talent or evaluate the talent the team supposedly have. Discuss.....

Or coaches...

I would say that Orlondo's job is in jeopardy now, even though I still believe that the Cats can win the division because the east is so weak. Not sure how the GMs respond. Do they tie a can to Orlondo and essentially commit to a rebuilding season when the team is, hilariously, only one win out of first place in the division despite being winless? Do they wait and see? Do they fire a warning shot and turf one of Coach O's assistant coaches to make him wake up?

The Bob Young 5 year plan just needs another 30 years to unfold.


If the GM is dosing, then it only takes one

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The entire team vision appears to be misguided. Why keep overpriced Canadians? Certainly someone could figure out the ratio? Offensive line is offensive while the brain trust had all season to fix. Picking up a right tackle and putting him at left tackle. Receivers can not get open. Evans throws the ball too hard at short range targets. The defense is and can not sustain four quarters of chasing a very talented Canadian QB.

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Many of the issues you identify seem to be related to personnel, which is the responsibility of the GMs. But I suspect that like all GMs when they're on the hotseat, they will look to pin these struggles on one or two scapegoats, so they can justify keeping their jobs to Bob Young.

The offensive line recruiting is probably the biggest black mark on the scouting department. How many years does it take to field a credible O-line? Other teams can do it. Why not Hamilton?

Great question. I'm not a football expert but, that's the first place you build your QB around protection. It's going to be an ugly season. Remarkable how quickly Ottawa and BC became competitive with the right mindset. Hamilton had a chance to secure Try Ford but blew it on a trade for a phylon. Someone should be shown the door and real fast.

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I also think that Hamilton's de-emphasis on the running game is increasing the risk of O-line injury. When you are dropping back into pass protection snap after snap, facing aggressive defenses that don't respect your ability to run the ball, your offensive linemen are more likely to sustain injuries. My Als lost their starting center, Jamieson, to the 6-game IR late in the fourth quarter of last week's game, which they were winning handily, because they kept passing the ball instead of running it down Saskatchewan's throats.


Can you remember when Hamilton did have a consistent running threat? Me neither.

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I had asked this same question of Cats fans the other day and your collective responses were similar. It seems like the Cats have not had a consistently effective running game for at least a decade. Maybe more. That's also a recruiting failure. Good American running backs shouldn't be hard to find. Although a running back is only as good as his O-line in many ways, so the O-line issues haven't helped.

Now look at who was calling the plays for most of the last decade. Running the ball has always been an afterthought.

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Good thing O made the HOF as that's about all the good things that will happen to him in 2022. Bad on field decision after bad decision.
Even if they'd kept Masoli he would have failed with coaches dumb decisions.

One. Nelson Skalbania.

Gable when he wasn't injured

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You don't get the plan was never to win the grey cup is make Hamilton Profitable .
It why the selling ugly grey jerseys every 5 mins Scoreboard and Pushing a $10 Discord on t-shirt. also look everything is sponsored to death
as Long as Bob's and Company are making money

I don't ever believe but this team was put together to win a grey cup
The idea was to be competitive enough that he had a stadium full of people
Look at the most NFL teams they make a profit and never win anything

It's all about Hawking the next New Jersey being stupid consumers and buying it.
extend the $5 beers cuz it's going to be a long freaking season

Probably good they lost going into a bye week: they will be forced to make changes. Question is how drastic will the changes be?

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Ron Williams 1998 - 2001. He was "money in the bank" when he touched the ball, especially inside the 10 yard line.

Avon was pretty clutch in those situations too.

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Troy Davis was a beast as well.

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