How many games will the Ticats win with Bellefeuille?

I would like to hear opinions to what you selected...I personally think the cats will only win three more games this season. My reasoning for this is we play the bombers twice more, which as we all know does not mean a guarenteed win, however if you look at the state that both teams are in, the cats most likely should win those games because they are due...and I think the other win will come against either an upset against montreal or calgary, no real reasoning, other than i feel an upset is due...Three games is all the ticats will win the rest of the season because the teams they have left are just too good

Remember, this is the same Marcel Beaullefuile, that the Rider fans couldn't drive to the Airport fast enough, and the Allouettes couldn't get rid of fast enough.

They will win more games now because Marcell won't be the offensive coach.

OK, seriously.

Are there actually 2 people out there who really think that this team will win 7-8 games under the new coach. Really...7-8 games. SNAP!!!!!

that's sad if somebody actually thinks that will happen.

None, absolutely none! Can't honestly see anyone that they are capable of beating now.

make that 3 now............

We might have beaten Winnipeg, but we just made that tougher...

8) ... and this is the same Marcel that many members on this site wanted run out of this town also !! :wink:

Bellefeuille will be calling the plays using the same playbook. So try again. LOL

Something else will have to kick in for a turnaround to occur. I'm not sold on that. Time will tell, especially around Nov. 2. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Not one game

Im with you onknight...

Not even a half a game lol

I think they will beat Edmonton and Winnipeg twice.

i say they win 2 more against winnipeg on the last game of the season in a game that means absolutely nothing for either team

the other one will just be a lucky one against a decent team