How many games will the Riders win this season ?

As a Cat fan who has gone through seasons in the early to mid 2000's of anywhere from 1-17 up to 5-13 and everything in between, I can certainly feel for all you faithful Rider fans out there. So my question and poll is simply many games do the Riders win this season ? I'll get things started by predicting that Saskatchewan after looking at the rest of their schedule will wind up the season at maybe 4-14 at best. The Riders haven't won much recently going back to the 10 game mark of last season their record now sits at a paltry 2-12 in their last 14 games played. The only positive in all this is that if it were any other team or city their attendance would most likely take a huge hit,but I'm sure that the Rider faithful will continue to come out watermelons and all and continue to support this franchise in spite of the lack of wins in the last year and a half.

Quite unfortunate for the Riders fans and all CFL fans. Will make it less interesting. With Durant and Glenn out, I don't expect them to win a game. Glenn could return for game 12.

There have been many injuries to key players since the beginning of the season. When you lose your number 1 and number 2 QB,it is difficult to win. So far, Montreal has been fortunate,despite loosing their 3 veteran QBs. So far, Rakeem Cato has done well/better than their veterans QBs.


Maybe I should make up a 2nd poll : How many more games until Corey I'm a "GREAT" coach Chamblin :roll: gets his walking papers ? Was this guy really chosen and declared as the Coach of the Year in 2013 ? IMO he is without a doubt the WORST head coach in the entire league........I said it back in 2013 and I still maintain it now that this guy is a legend in his own mind and is waaaaaay over -rated as his W/L record in his last 14 games coached is proving. For the record I'm going to give him two more games before he hits the unemployment line. You can call it what you will but I'm sorry but Mr.Chamblin is nothing but a poser as a Head Coach and he needs to go.....Big time and soon :cowboy:

At best 4-14 in 2015 - Time is ticking away the moments in a dull way for coach CC - Mike Benevides is next?

It really all depends how long Glenn is out for. If Glenn doesn't get hurt I'd still say 7-9 because they've been in every single game and have one of the more dangerous offenses in the league. If Glenn is out for the full 6 games, probably 4 wins. I'd argue there are several teams that have looked worse than the Riders yet have a couple wins under their belts, so it's hard to say.

Hmmmm, So I have to ask which teams would you be arguing that have looked worse than the Riders ? I'm guessing maybe the 2-3 Bombers who beat them in the home opener ? maybe the 3-2 Stamps ? can't be the 2-2 Lions who beat them back to back, certainly not the Esks who they meet next and are currently sitting at 3-1. Moving out East it can't be the 2-2 Cats who just won against them, the 3-1 Argos who also defeated them this season
perhaps the 2-2 Al's ? the surprising 3-2 REDBLACKS ? both of whom they haven't played yet .So anyway just curious just what teams you are referring to that have looked worse in your opinion this season then the 0-5 Riders ? :expressionless:

I'll say one. 2 tops!

But the real question is how many Rumprider fans does it take to change a lightbulb?

They don't, they just sit around and talk about how good the lightbulb was.

This season is so bad that this fan actually aged by 30 yrs just by watching them play :lol: :wink:

Question : will the Riders win a game this season ? Answer : Depends !!!! :lol: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Worry about your TI cats..... The Riders have had a great run. Can't win every year. Your a Grey Cup loss from 3 in a row and that hasn't been done in the modern era :lol:

I say 4-6. If they get a QB that can click with the offense they could win 5 or 6 (that's just 1 win over or under .500) for the rest of the season), if not 4 wins. A lot depends on how they fill the QB slot.

Damn, those Riders will market anything :lol:

At least they'll be increasing revenues from their licensing agreements with the diaper company :lol:

If I had to make a choice I will take 3 appearances in a row at a Grey Cup even if they are losses over a season with only a couple of wins...... :roll:

Rather finish dead last then suffer a loss or especially a heart breaking loss in a championship game. Stamps had that GC all over Calgary , celebrating with fans . What did the Ti cats get , an entire off season, of what could have been !!! Riders have won two in the last 8 years, that works. All though the 13 th man is something you never get over. Ticats are 2 - 8 in their last 10 GC appearances. Their fans want wins. Getting to a GC game in a 4 or 5 team division isn't exactly herculean feet . Same as Bomber fans, it's GC WIN or bust. Ricky Bobby had it right " if you ain't first your last " :wink:

I’ll take last seasons loss to Calgary over the 13th man any day. The punt return put the Cats in the lead but didn’t guarantee victory, Calgary would have got the ball back, but if not for the 13th man, missed FG, clock to 0:00 and Riders win the cup. That doesn’t hurt that’s D-E-V-E-S-T-A-T-I-N-G.

In hindsight, the Riders would have been fine had they retained the up and coming Cato..

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@R_Cato12 was on #Rider’s negotiation list but when he wasn’t offered a contract he was free to join #AlsMTL. #CFL

…sure in hindsight that looks like an oops, but at the time with KG as your backup to a perfectly healthy DD no one would bat an eye at that release of an unknown player…

It's a definite "Ifs and Buts" situation that happens all the time in the world of professional sports. A perfect example would be "What If" the Cats had kept Anthony Calvillo instead of releasing him and him winding up in Montreal ? Maybe in hindsight it would've been the Cats dominating in the East in the 2000's and winning 3 Cups instead of the Alouettes going on their dominant run of 8 Cup appearances in 11 years. You see players all the time who get cut by one team for one reason or another only to emerge with another team and becoming an all-star player. It's called slipping through the cracks and its happened to every team at one time or another in every sport out there with no exceptions.

Four votes for 7-9 wins? Riders fans must be hitting the sauce pretty hard. Not that I blame them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch! Might be regretting that one just a smidge right about now. Cato would look awfully good in a Riders (or any other team's) jersey right now

I dunno. Looking forwrd to see Smith play with a week with the 1st O in practice. Moreso next week when he's had 2 weeks and faced the best D in the league this week. He may surprise. He brings a mobility with him that Sunseri was seriously lacking.I think Chapdelaine may be able to give him a package that will let him be successful. All that said though, I think it's next year time in Riderville already. The Defence and head coach game mangement has some serious issues that not even a Flutie could remedy.