How many games will Ottawa win this season?

No one has picked them to win vs Als. Will you pick them to win against any team? I guess they can beat Bombers. My vote is 1 game vs Bombers and 1 game vs ticats. Total = 2 wins

No way, Ottawa isn't that bad. They'll come around. I can see them at something like 8-10. But Still last in the East.

5 or 6, abou the ame as the Teaxans did in the NFL last season.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm???!!! Good call on that first one.
Can we trust your judgement on the Bombers and Ti-Cats matches, and any future prophecies??
Funny thing is, I think I picked them to win against Montreal. At least I think I reminded people to not take our Defence lightly, as I recall.

I remain,
Go You Thieving Renegades Go!!

I sure messed up on creating this thread. ok, no one go by my predictions, they are crap. I picked the Als, Stamps and Ticats to win this past weekend. Only 1 of 4 correct predictions.

I'm glad I was proven wrong though. I thought the Renegades would flop this season. I am happy for the CFL that they have another great football team. Now only if the Bombers sign Khari Jones and then we will have all teams in the CFL being quite competitive.

Once again Ottawa is getting no respect...

The Gades can take the series with Winnipeg, Hamilton and Calgary.
They'll split with Montreal, Toronto, Sask and Edmonton (yes they will).

Ottawa has one of the best QBs in the league and has the best # 2-3 punch with Brad Banks and Paul Peterson. (these backups will be stars in this league one day. And pretty much all Eastern Div teams wish they had what Ottawa has in the QB backup position.

If Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton has an injury at the QB position they are skrewed... Actually let me re-phrase that with regards to Hamilton... If the T-cats don't have an injury @ QB... they are screwed!!

Ottawa was better team then Hamilton last year, unfortunatly injuries devastated them...

This year they have a better offence eventhough the oline is not all together yet and the Defence will be much stronger as the season progresses....

Don't underestimate them....