How many games will Hamilton win this year?

Every year I hear about how much better Hamilton is going to be and every year they end up winning less than five games when all is said and done. Don't get me wrong I hope Hamilton is great this year and finishes second only to my Bombers, but just for fun let's vote and see how close we are at the end of the season.

It may be more hope than expectation but I voted for more than 4 ... :oops:

They're like the Oakland Raiders... they just can't get over that 5-win hump. :lol:

They're like the Oakland Raiders... they just can't get over that 5-win hump.
...and after how nice we were to you over on the Ti-Cat board. I'm disappointed. :( :)

Chief just can't help being pessimistic..., i'm sure he wishes the Ticats every success deep in his heart.

:lol: :lol: My bad. :oops: But Kristjan is right. I hope you guys can finally come together this season and compete... except in August when I come to watch the Eskimos. :P

Hamilton should be fighting with the Als for the East Div. pennant this season. I wouldn't be surprised it they win it. The only question is if their defence can gel enough to become championship caliber. :thup:

Agreed :thup:

Ya said that last year!
Hamilton wont stay in the cellar forever, but last to first. I dont know

^ Yeah. I could see them challenge for 2nd, but I think Montreal is still the Beast of the East.

6-8 Wins

Of course in the East, that could easily get 2nd place and a home playoff game.

Toronto has loads of talent in some areas, but lacking in others. An inexperienced coach too. Not everyone can be Marc Trestman.

Winnipeg for some reason, seems to be a mess. Doesn't seem to have all their ducks in a row. Lots of talent still.

Im guessing 5, maybe 6.

7-11 this year. I see the East being weak again and this'll help them out a fair bit and they will at last make it back into the playoffs.

Just for that low estimate, I hope 2 of those 6 are against Saskatchewan. :wink:

Even after the game a few years ago now where you beat us in which was your only victory that year? Thats not nice...

Okay, I'll bite for fun!! How's this:

Montreal 10-7-1= 21pts
Winnipeg 8-9-1= 17pts
Hamilton 7-11-0=14pts
Toronto 6-12-0=12pts

No crossover this year!

It will be the same old story for the Cats this year.. I say at most they will win 4 games.. or wind up 2-16 or 1-17...

I don't know sambo, I actually see them improving this year but not by leaps and bounds! As long as they finish ahead of Toronto, I'll be happy.

Just curious, what do you base this low estimate on?

They'll probably win 2 games .... when they play their heart out in pre-season.