How many games will Buck Pierce play before he gets injured?

How many games will Buck Pierce play for the Suicide Bombers before he gets injured (not counting pre-season)?

I'll say he gets carried out during the 3rd game, making that 2 complete games he will play before getting injured.

Little early, ain'tcha? Still four and half months. :wink:

I was recently asked the same thing about lumsden. I said a long time as long as huff keeps him on the practice roster.

wow really.. this is a disgrace and a joke to even start a poll like this in february.. i suggest the mods remove this because honestly... its february 12th.. what a joke. talk about having no life what so ever.

He won't be the starter for the Bombers this upcoming season in my opinion.
Jyles should be the guy/

What a horrible poll. It should have an option for “Throws out shoulder getting out of bed between now and training camp.” :twisted:

Dude whats your probelm? You can't start ripping into a guy cause he's excited for some CFL football and wants some fans opinions on a topic that makes me chuckle *in a good way" heck I'm already watching highlights of this past season getting myself stoked! So keep cool dude so what if theres 4 months to kick-off can't smack a guy for getting excited!

Both Pierce and Lumsden have just as much chance of being injured as any other player going into T.C.