How many games for the season!!!

How many games do you think the Ticats will win this season!!

9 games

I'm going for 12

I like the way you think cmw I'll go with 12 as well.

Jojo made a couple of nice grabs out there today.

I think 8 games will be the max. Mostly against the Argos and Edmonton.

We should do okay against the Hitmen as well!!

anywhere between 6 and 9 wins,double digits would be incredible but unrealistic,but who knows? just think back to 97-2-16,98-12-5-1.In this league anythings possible.

Sounds like the turn around will be dramatic. Let's hope it's playoffs regardless of numbers. Thanks to the Cats for the video and camp details for us out of towners. Any thought of a live camp feed on the net? Probably might not want to give away info to other teams I suppose but it might be cool to see a practice live on the site. Just a thought.