How Many Games for Jesse in '09?

Any very premature guesses?

Jesse who??

I said 9-12 based on the fact that he won't be used nearly as much as he was here and I'm in a generous mood today. :lol:

But I also like stevehvh's response.

The Jesse poll gave the voter 5 choices but perhaps a sixth choice could have been - WHO CARES?

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

0 - for the TiCats and that's all that matters.

He's going to get hurt again this year. He has 1 year plus an option to prove himself and if he does, he will get a big payday in 2011 but I don't see this happening.

Just our luck - 21!! and he sets a CFL rushing record

I SURE HOPE SO !!!!!!!!!

Do you think Jesse was pulling a Vince Carter, getting hurt until somebody traded him. :lol:

Playing 10 games on a grass field won't help his shoulder woes in my opinion.

Saying that, the Eskimos are the most improved team in the league at this juncture and should challenge for 1st place in the West.

On paper that is.

Look at the Cats last year at this time. I seriously thought that they would be a much better team than they what they showed during the season. The Esks may look good on paper but the proof is on the field.


Should challenge for 1st place.....In the CFL you are 1 key injury away from a disaster.
2 years ago Edmonton lost the services of Ricky Ray and their season was done.
He needs to stay healthy or they would be cooked again!

Defensive Coordinators don't always make a successful move to the head coach's office. Just ask the blue team. Same thing could be said for CIS head coaches taking their shot in the CFL, but that's another whine for another time.

China doll might get 8 in.

Let see now ,2 surgeries on his shoulder? I don't see him playing the full season,one good hit and he's done.

I hope he plays all 18 and sets a season high for rushing yards. I loved him as a Ticat and will continue to support him. Everyone needs to get rid of the sour grapes.

I don't have sour grapes about him. I'm sure he's a very nice young man. I wish him well. I just don't care to spend a lot of time bemoaning his departure (a dumb move, but his choice and it's a free country), or worrying about how many games he plays for the Esks, and while I won't boo his every appearance, I hope that when/if he plays us we stop him cold.

Agree steve, wishing anything else, well, what kind of a TiCats fan would you be then? This is pro sports and apart from some sportsmanship to a certain extent, of course, stopping anyone cold should be the goal regardless who we play. Not saying you purposely go after Jesse's shoulder to hurt it again, no, but you don't let down one bit either.

First off i gotta say that we must be the stupidest team in the CFL to not even give him an offer, second even though he is not with us I am still a Lumsden fan and i hope that he can stay healthy and come back here and have a huge game against us except have us win of corse. Third i dont understand why there are so many people who are so negative on him, yes it is very unfortunate about his injuries but he is still the best talent in the CFL hands down and after his contract is up with the esks many of you will be begging for him to come back.

I never wish any player ill will re injuries. Period. I am the same guy who will applaud a Tyree Davis snot dislodgement and quiverfest in one's own issued bile from a Hitch hit...but that is from tough clean football and not some death pool ruminations before the fact.

I wish Jesse well. I am concerned that he's a guy with recurrent shoulder injuries who runs at a high-pad level. Time will tell if he can remain healthy. A healthy Jesse Lumsden is an asset to the whole CFL beyond what my partisanship might weigh in on the matter.

Oski Wee Wee,