How many games does Chamblin have left as HC

We all see the writing on the wall - the Riders season is over in its present state - 2015 is awash - 6 games in - the bells have sounded . 2016 should now be the vision . A new vision philosophy energy has to be birthed - a new HC - OC - DC to start
A new GM would not hurt - new young talented qb's are a must - when Higgins and Cato make Chamblin and Smith look silly an overhaul is needed .
How long before changes are made this year to HC and some of the other positions ?

Who's Chamberlain?

Maybe Neville? "Peace in our time" :wink: :smiley: He went down in infamy pretty quickly just as the CRyders are doing right now!

Rightly or wrongly, one game left. 10 minutes after they go 0-7 next week Taman and Chamblin are gone with ZERO plan to replace them. Interim BS is not a plan.

Losing two veteran quarterbacks would do any CFL team in.
Coaches should not be blamed entirely.
GM has to be questioned for not having a back up plan in case of injury scenarios like this disastrous year.
Changing coaches in mid-stream will make no difference for this season.
Weather the storm, heal some injuries , keep the faith and play the underdog roll with our fans and with all opponents.
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!


He did, he brought in the best back-up in the CFL - Kevin Glen - just in case Durant got injured.............. :roll:

But Glenn was injured just last week and was having a banner year til then.
In fact, the Riders led the league in most offensive categories although languished at the bottom of the league in most defensive categories.

the state of the Riders had nothing to do with the QB's (til now that is) and everything to do with Chamblin's hand as a DC under the guise of Greg Quick.

Not having a backup plan? Show me a team that can roll along just fine when its #1 and #2 QBs go down to injury. And even then, SSK would likely have a few wins by now if the D were worth spit. They've had no football luck combined with problems on both sides of the ball. In games when the offense is rolling, the D can't stop anyone. Yesterday, the D actually showed up, but the offense had nothing and Chapdelaine mysteriously refused to run the ball.

I am against firing a coach early or mid season.
Off season only for coaching changes. IMO
Regardless of the situation. That is the guy you pick , so roll with him.

Nothing positive will happen until Glenn comes back.
Sometimes your back up has what it takes , sometimes they do not.

Tor and Mtl has the backs ups to get the job done.
Drew Tate here in Calgary would be a starter on any other team.

Right now the Riders have no confidence. - YOU CAN NOT TEACH OR COACH CONFIDENCE. That is up to the players.

While the fans won't decide if Chamblin is fired or not, I definitely don't think that the firing of the Head Coach and/or GM will bring more victories. Changes may have to be made,but let's wait at the end of the season. Presently, I don't see how they can win without their top 2 QBs; as has been written, not too many teams would constantly win without their top 2 QBs.

With Durant and/or Glenn, the Riders have been in all the games; for me, the defence did not play well,except last night; players such as Hall is not worth what he is being paid. Before last night game their defence ranked eight in average yards given; now they rank seventh. The trade of Foley for Emry definitely backfired. The defence has to improve and players may have to be replaced. The Riders should hire a defensive specialist/consultant for the remainder of the season,since it is not the time to fire coaches.

While I am not a Riders fan, I definitely hope that they will find a good QB or trade for one, although there are not too many good ones available. Would make the games more interesting. After game 7 of the Als,- after Saskatchewan week off- Jonathan Crompton of the Als could be available; yes, I know, he is not a top QB,but he is definitely better than Sunseri or even Smith. Crompton could be available for almost nothing and is not expensive/highly paid; he could help the Riders until the return of Glenn.


Well, Taman (stupidly) traded Foley because of fan and media pressure, so don't think the fans can't (stupidly) get someone fired. This is a test for the new prez Reynolds. If he bends to lynch mob justice and starts axeing people then it proves that Sask has a bad prez.

Agree with you on the futility of changing coaches in the middle of the season. Didn’t work for iders the last time they tried it nor the Bombers when they gave the axe to LaPolice a few seasons ago.

Losing both DD and KG certainly puts the team behind the 8 ball, but I thought that Smith showed some flashes of good play which the team can now take the time to develop even if they may not win games with him. The only way that Smith is going to get better is to get meaningful play in games until KG is ready to return.

Apparently the correct answer is zero...


They pretty much have to fire him now or have a dysfunctional atmosphere. Whoever decided to leak the team's dirty laundry is an idiot. You can officially put a fork in the Riders now.

Not a good example.
Foley has been horrid on our d line.
While Emery is injured for you guys, so perhaps that trade is a bad draw.

Foley has not been horrid on your D-line. Just because he only has 1 sack does not mean that he is not playing well. Ends do have other responsibilities besides straight up pass rush. Watch some film.

And furthermore, I did not make my assessment of this trade based on the performance of the two players since the trade. I called it a s**t trade when it happened back in the spring. Ends are much harder to replace than macks. Taman gave up and end for a mack straight up. Mack is a position that can be always be filled by young cheap athletic talent and the defense can still function properly. End can't do that. You need the right skill/size combo AND more mental discipline. Mack is the most instinctive position to play on the defensive side of the ball. Get a kid with a motor like Sherritt or Curran or McCune or Elsworth even Doughty that the Riders have now. DON'T F up your entire ratio by dealing your NAT end for an expensive NAT mack. On top of all that, 2014 was a career year for Foley and had just signed a contract extension. He's a glue guy and loved being in Regina much more than he thought he ever would. Emry's playmaking days are behind him. 2014 was a horrible year for him career wise. In Montreal he was a game changer. In Toronto he was a white elephant contract, run of the mill mack with 4 tackles a game who had (unintentionally) left his heart in Montreal.

This was a terrible, terrible trade for Sask that has left them in a ratio pickle. It has nothing to do with the injury.

Except we don't know who asked for the trade. We know Barker is on record Taman called him offering Foley but was it at Chamblin's request ?

On the Riders board we've all been through this a hundred times already even before the season started, and a hundred times more as we've tried to figure out a way to jig the ratio to get Connop out of starting. If Chamblin wanted this Taman should have said no. Plus Taman has a career long history of moves just like this. Off the top of my head Charles Roberts and Khari (only to blow up the team 6 weeks later) Barrin Simpson (twice!), Richard Karikari ... the list goes on and on.

Ultimately it is Taman’s responsability anyway.