How many field goals does Vanderjagt miss tomorrow?

I couldn't believe it when the Blue team Traded Noel but anyways. Over or Under 2.5?

I think he'll be kicking enough extra points that he won't have to worry about it. :wink:

Maybe...guess I should create a poll asking...

"How many extra points does Vanderjagt miss Thursday?"

none under 40, unless bad hold or something.

If tomorrow's game is a battle of field goals, we clearly have the upper hand. Lets just hope it is.

I think once he got that 49 yarder the slump was over.

He said he hadn't adjusted for the diffreent placement of the CFL field's hash marks relative to the goal posts and so his angles were off before making the adjustment required. I say he's good on everything from 40 yards in.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yeah that is the one thing that surprised me the most when I returned from 2 weeks overseas. I couldn't believe the ____'s traded Noel Prefontaine in favour of Vanderjagt. There have been many a Labour Day game where Prefontaine was a difference maker all by himself. I hated him for it.

I will drink my first beer at the game tonight in honour of the death of Mike Vanderjagt's NFL career as a servicable kicker.

The man who got cut by the Dallas Cowboys because he didn't want to, and couldn't, handle kicking off. And now what is he doing? Kicking off AND punting the ball while simultaneously bleaching his hair.

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