How many fan's out there would sit in this rain?

Not me, i was so glad when they moved indoors for this purpose,it gets wet here in vancouver.Even if there is a roof that couvers us it still blows into you, i remeber that well at empire stadium.

Lets see, would I want to sit in 70mph winds, pouring rain, Pidgeon poop falling on me at old Empire Stadium algae on the seats…Nope,

I like BC Place!

I get so sick and tired of people complaining about B.C. Place. I bet 95% of those people who want an outdoor stadium wouldn't show up for the game in this weather.

Well, I live in the Okanagan and i play football. I have played in the snow and rain and its not as enjoyable as in the nice weather. however taht being said, I am going to the Greycup and am going to be in the freezing cold because thats waht its all about. but just prey the Lions will be there

And with high winds and rain in the forecast, you can bet the fans will be glad they are inside!

I for one like the dome.

Hardcore fans will come to the dome on a sunny summer day and they would also go to an outdoor stadium on a windy, rainy November day. IMO, the casual fans are going to be more turned away by the prospect of sitting outside in the wind and rain in Oct/Nov than sitting in the dome in the summer (although, they would probably prefer neither). On that basis alone I think the dome is great because we can start to draw our bigger crowds as the games become more important as the weather turns in the fall.

The best solution IMO (yes, I know, not necessarily realistic): expand the new Whitecap stadium to 30k for outdoor summer Lions games and then move inside the dome for fall games.

No way. Keep it at BC place, we don't need no stinkin' whitecaps stadium. I don't want us doing what Montreal does, fill 20,202 and call it a sellout.

Well, would your rather have a 30k sellout that becomes a hot ticket, or have 30k and a half empty stadium with people complaining about having to be inside when its nice out?

I doubt we'll ever draw enough in the summer months to come close to filling the Dome... I wish we could and I'd love to see crowds of 40k+ for every game... but I don't see it happening.

The domes a great place to watch a game , I wonder how may people really just parrot comments about it because that's what the media says about it.
I remember watching a west final back in the 80's vs the Bombers inside while it was downpouring outside . Sure was nice inside being dry and warm . Awesome game too.

I bet Montreal wishes their stadium was bigger already . Now they're limited for capacity at 20thou and can't get bigger crowds while other teams have growing attendance . BC's already past the 30,000 average too. What would be wrong with trying to get up to the 40,000 mark?

BC Place ftw! Ya it would be nice in the summer to be outdoors but I've been to three games this year with thanks! Go Lions Go!

In Vancouver it's a lose win situation. Nice during the summer, not so fun being in hot stadium but in fall, when rainy and windy, dome is dry and warm for fans.

As for the fans of other CFL teams that have outdoor stadiums, they only make fun of BC having an indoor stadium because they don't have one. I guarantee if these cities had an indoor stadium, they wouldn't b!tch.