How Many Fans Needed To Sustain our Teams

How can you possible state this as fact... You do realize that the top ticket in Montreal goes for over 1200$ or 3 times to what the top ticket in Edmonton goes for....
It has been known for some time that the Als, were making a boatload of money,hence the contervercy when they didn't sell out last season because they only payed for 25% of the costs for their renos.
All these years they were making it out like they were poor, but in reality were not...
As for the game at the big O... Do the math... one game with even 53 K does not skew your attendance more then 3 K... Plus those tickets are all cheepies anyways... The game at the big O is done to expose poor people to the game (mainly children) who would never see a game otherwise. One day these kids may become season ticket holders...The financial incentive is secondary....

I take it 1200$ is for the season?, if so then it's a little over 2 times more; top ticket in Edmonton is 573$

It's hard to compare private owned teams with the publicly owned ones. They're operated in a very different fashion. There's also many variables to consider when it comes to teams finances.

Secondly, Bombsaway, are you suggesting the average ticket prices for the 2010 Grey Cup was 80$? Because if that's the case, that's incorrect.

Unfortunately they only managed to draw 33k for the eastern semifinal this past season. This was the only game at the Big O last season.

[quote="Bombs Away"]
How can you possible state this as fact... You do realize that the top ticket in Montreal goes for over 1200$ or 3 times to what the top ticket in Edmonton goes for....

$1200 per ticket, where in Percival?

I would believe that to be true for the season.... always sold out mind you.

T.V ratings indicate the CFL has a fan base of at least 5 million or so casual fans. Plenty of interest to sustane 12 teams.

Absolutely, you and I have gone down this road many times and no doubt will continue until the right new deal is signed.
Having said that, if the new mega deal can garner at least $45-$50M asnnually, well that will go a long way of making all the teams financially profitable.
Especially if this would cover on average at least the salalry cap of let's say $5M so that the biggest portion of the budget is looked after.

Not so sure about Montreal. They expand Molson Stadium to 25,000 seats last season and they still sell out like they have done for years.

I know that I will be criticized by some for saying the obvious but the fact that when the largest city in the Country has the lowest attendance, there is something wrong. When the largest province sports the 2 lowest attended teams, something is wrong. Kudos to the Prairies for having the best fans. Cue the excuses.

at least the lions edged out the bombers.

People seem to think that paid gate attendance is the only way teams make money. It's not. Corporate sponsorship and TV viewership is HUGE. More TV viewers = more lucrative TV contracts.

Actually there was not one single solitary sellout for Montreal last year and it was only the first year of their expansion. That is a bad/embarrassing thing.

At least do a little research before hitting the submit button.

I guess he missed the headlines that Montreal wasn't even selling out the stadium when it was only 20K but lyed to ensure the funding for the expansion.... Reguardless, Montreal still makes a killing.

true, Montreal did not sell out a single game last season in the newly expanded stadium (now 25,000) and were 7th in league attendance in 2011.
The East always seems to bring up the rear attendance-wise but hopefully Grey Cup Toronto, and the newly supplanted talent in Hamilton and Toronto help to infuse fan enticement.

Attendance leaders:
1.Edmonton Eskimos Capacity: 60,081 / Average : 34,625

2.Calgary Stampeders Capacity: 35,650 / Average : 30,601

3.Saskatchewan Rough Riders Capacity: 30,048 / Average : 29,939

4.BC Lions Capacity 29,517 (Empire) / 54,500 (BC Place) / Average : 29,725

5.Winnipeg Blue Bombers Capacity: 29,533 / Average : 29,556

6.Hamilton Tiger Cats Capacity: 29,600 / Average : 24,116

7.Montreal Alouettes Capacity: 25,012 / Average : 24,058

8.Toronto Argos Capacity: 50,000 / Average : 20,017

I think also given that this is the last year of Ivor Wynne, that might help the Cats this year. 2013 though will be rough for the Tabbies as they will likely be on the road playing in London/Moncton/Ron Joyce/SkyDome. 2014 though I think will see sellouts, given it will be a smaller stadium and they will be removing the wooden bench seating and putting in apparently what will be the roomiest seats in North America.

To look at it differently for Montreal, 24,058 out of a possible 25,012 seats seems excellent to me as when you get down to the nitty gritty, a lot of people don't want to sit away from the person they are going with if it's 2, or 3 persons say, if most of the remainder are single seat tickets. I go to the games with my wife and wouldn't go if we couldn't sit together and, as well, maybe Montreal puts a limit on the season ticket numbers. Also, maybe the extra near 1000 seats not sold on average are very poor with respect to leg room, maybe, I don't know. Regardless, that is very, very close to capacity and hardly embarrasing whatsoever.

But agree, the CFL as a spectator sport in the west is on a much better foundation than the east.

yes, the majority of people do not wish to have single seats....Is this a Percival Molson Stadium issue exclusively, or do not other CFL stadiums have similar issues with regards to selling single seats?

Earl that's ridiculous.

For all the hype of a consecutive sellout streak at 20202 per game, it shows that like Hamilton and Toronto, Montreal is not capable of selling 25k seats.

I can appreciate you are a glass half full kind of guy, but I see that as a failure.

What will happen when they don't have success or miss the playoffs?

No problem, we just have different views of what success or failure mean in the Alouettes situation.

I don't know what will happen when they start to miss the playoffs and that.