How many fans did the CFL lose yesterday?

I know that gentleman, though I met the lady for the first time that night. I believe she made the hats. They were black instead of the usual straw colour that they sell, right?

He came for the home opener last year too, when Ottawa beat Toronto on a late field goal. Dude sure has a way of getting his entertainment in when he drops by the capital. 8) Great guy. :thup:

Yup, black REDBLACKS straw hats.
That's them!

CHRISTMAS!!! Commercialized holiday meant to seperate ones money from ones wallet. Why would anyone bother with such an obvious attempt to…

WOW! Once you get into Bungle mode it’s hard to get out again. :wink:

I always knew Christmas was a Rogers conspiracy. They do own The Shopping Channel afterall. And diabolical the way they place Christmas in the off season of the CFL while the NFL is still going. All part of Rogers conspiracy to have more NFL products purchased as Christmas gifts instead of CFL stuff. :cowboy:

It was also the highest rated ESPN game of the season. Over 200,000 watched.

The Bungle family Christmas tree ornament !!!

As awful as that game was, to me that’s the biggest surprise of all. I have no explanation.

Bungle, tell your "Cousin" to watch the NFL, give it two weeks, and "he" will come running back to the CFL.

I don’t know about that. Are we sure we really want said “cousin” or any other strawmen or failed dates back? :roll:

I watch to watch my team i dont pay attention to the flags really.

Go ahead flag my day

It really did get exciting. Which is more than what i expected with an 0-7 team playing.

Wow. Just Wow. Do you guys not realize that 99.99999% of people who watch CFL are not on this forum. To shrug of Bugles post with, " well then they weren't a real fan, or "don't let the door hit you on the way out, or " go watch an NFL game and they will comming running back" etc, etc. as negativity on his part is assinine. His point that the league is losing fans hand over fist is bang on.Hel l look at some of the more prominant posters on this little cult forum and you will find the same loss of fans. To shrug it off as anything less than ctitical is, again, assinine. Turn your computer and CFL.CA off for a while and go get the feel on the street where the real fans, 99.9999% of them are, and then come back on here and tell us there is no problem with this gong show they are passing off as a legitimate Pro League.

Blunt but true.

I think many of us know that game was anything but entertaining and even more probably agree such an experience is not good for the league.

When even Chris Cuthbert declares at the half that it is “mercifully over,” you know it has to be really, really bad.

What some of us have taken exception to and question is the manner used to communicate those otherwise largely valid points and concerns with the “product on the field.”

Either that “cousin” referenced by Mr. Bungle can hit the road as stated but for good as far as I am concerned, or Mr. Bungle and can avoid the use of any strawman or other ID on this site on here to make point(s).

Either way, we come out ahead and don’t need those sorts of “fans” as the league focuses far better and on a more critical basis on how to draw NEW fans.

At least here down south of the border, we are doing our small part on that front and by the looks of it are having some success.

Hey, I like Chris Cuthbert but looking at the game as whole, it was more than the sum of it's parts and yes, there were some slow parts with the flags and that that did drag it out, much like hockey fights in the past where a couple of fights with a number of players would delay a game more the 30 minutes on occasion. But, as a whole, the entire game where it ends up being close and you are looking for your team to win, again the team you are cheering for in any particular game and your team wins, you simply are entertained with a game like this because the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Think process over time with the team you're cheering for, not minute to minute.

Again, ask Argo fans about this. While some say sure the game had dragging moments especially in the first half, we came out with a much needed victory and a victory is one more victory to get to the promised land, hold that Grey Cup in your mitts at seasons end in the Grey Cup game and being declared national football champions of Canada. Again, think about the whole.

Mind you, I grew up as an Argo fan and simply love the Double Blue. I've also cheered for the Cats many years since I live in Hamilton. Ok, that's a different story. :wink:

All that matters in the end is winning as Vince Lombardi once said - Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. Something like that. But many people are more into thinking of themselves as marketers rather than fans and I can appreciate that. Wait until you see some flag infested NFL games but your team wins a real slow 12-3 game. You will be happy if that's your team. Many NFL games prod along at a snails pace as we know.

Ive seen way worse super bowls even.

The second half smoothed out and the ending was exciting. Plain and simple

Yes vanhalen, agree. The first half was bumpy and slowish at times, almost like a baseball game where there is so much time standing around and between innings and half innings where teams go off the field from defence to offense. It's rather monotonous I find but a lot of people love the game of baseball with all this standing around and going on and off the field.

I used to enjoy the cfl way better before internet.

way too much negativity

I know it would be counter productive to the league, but sometimes I wish all the criticizers and complainers and such would just take a hike, go play and watch tiddly winks.

I feel sorry for ya all because I am happy I have watched every minute of every game that I could, even if some is better than other.

For instance, that long TD to getzlaf that was brought back by penalty. Ok, so the play didn’t count, but it was still a great play to see. Penalty cant take that away, at least not from me.

Tony Champions backwards catch in the endzone in 89 grey cup. Considered by many to be one of the most amazing or exciting catches in the CFL. Would it be any less of a great play if brought back by penalty?

Sometimes I think people get too much caught up in scores and forget to just enjoy the plays. I love good football plays, no matter what the end result it. If the team I am cheer for wins, that’s just bonus. I guess you could say I am more of a football fan than a team fan.

You sir are a true fan of neither. No true Argo or Ti-Cat fan could ever, E-V-E-R, cheer for both. :wink:

You went full Bungle… NEVER go full Bungle

Bobo can you help a brother out with a pic here please!