How many fans did the CFL lose yesterday?

My cousin who is 36 and who was a life long CFL fan denounced his fandom on Facebook today. He has lived through crappy seasons, but said the game yesterday was unwatchable.. He lives in Yorkton and has been decking his kids in Rider gear for years.. He has religiously watched games until this season, when he missed anew, but felt guilty and watched yesterday's game...he was so angered by the penalties, that he basically said that he isn't going to watch anymore..
Why would people invest time into an entertainment product that is not entertaining? Close finish? Who cares!!! It's crap and no one wants to watch it.. To see a TD and instead of celebrating, you are looking for a flag is a pathetic way to watch a game... I ripped him for years for being a Rider fan, but I guess that is over now. I wonder how many CFL fans in general watched their last game yesterday?

FYI .. That was the second most penalty filled game in CFL history

...hope he didn't hurt his ankle....and the wagon moves slowly, there'll be plenty of time for him to jump back aboard (which he will)...

any "fan" who walks away from his team for any reason, was never a true fan to begin with.

bye bye don’t let the door hit you in the @$$ your cousin (a lifelong Riders fan) watched his team lose another game last night to go 0-7 (2-16 the last 18 games) says he will no longer watch the CFL due to the amount of penalty infractions taken by the players.

..and this has nothing to do with the fact he is a frustrated Riders fan whatsoever? nada?

would he have the same sentiments had the team a winning record and in first place?

1 flag filled game then bolt ? What a fan.

At least he did not jump during last season's 7-5 ( monsoon storm ) BC victory over OTT.

BTW, Bungle thanks for sharing .

I am more interested in Bungle's need for constant negative attention. It certainly isn't healthy and may indicate other issues that might need to be addressed by professional help. Bungle, are your attempts at trying to affect control of people's reactions sating a need for you? Just curious, and hope it doesn't get out of hand for you.

As I've said before, I am exhausted from the negativity. :thdn:

OMG, can the league survive without Bungle-boy's cousin? Who's next Stephen Harper?? While the penalties were frustrating, it was a very entertaining game. Actually it was about 10 times more exciting than your typical NFL game and about 100 times more exciting than a MLS game. Not sure what Bungle's cousin is going to do if he no longer watches the CFL (gopher counting?), due to the penalties in the Argo game...and oh yeah, the Riders lost, again. :cry:

Okay, here’s my theory. The refs from yesterdays game weren’t the refs at all. Instead, the real refs were kidnapped, drugged, and replaced by alien beings who claim to be referees who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen.

What color are aliens? Green
The Riders’ uniforms ? Green

Clearly this shows their was a conspiracy at the game yesterday

I wouldn't waste any time on "Roger Aldag Fan Club" here gang.
Clearly a troll with a new toy.
We've seen these before.
Once the alcohol/drugs wear off, we likely won't hear from "it" again.
I'd be surprised if "it's" post count goes above 50.

I don't think that anyone with a decent pair of eyes can reasonably say that the game wasn't over-officiated. The refs were calling roughing on love taps to the helmet and on other instances of light incidental contact. Never mind the allegiance of the poster's cousin. He's right about it being bogus IMO.

How many fans did the league lose ? Apparently just one and a relative of Bungle’s to boot so does it really matter ? :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said bobo. :thup: That game had me on the edge of my seat, fantastic game penalties or no penalties. Very entertaining game to watch if you’re a football fan in the least.

I am not related to Bungle. I take offence to that bobo. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

So what your telling us is your whole family is like you Bungle?

Christmas dinners must be a real treat :roll:

To answer the subject question 'How many fans did the CFL lose yesterday?' - referring to Saturday's Riders-Argos game - I'm guessing not very many - since the game got the highest CFL rating of the year with an average of 864,000 watching. That likely means over 1,000,000 were watching the exciting finish to the game.

As an aside to this game, I met a couple at the game who were sitting in front of me.
They were wearing REDBLACKS western hats, so I asked if they were at the Friday night game in Ottawa.
They said they were, and that they were attending the game in Hamilton on Sunday evening as well.
I told them that I would love to do a similar road trip (I believe forum member slimjim was doing the same road trip).

They told me they were actually from Victoria, B.C., that they were part of a group of 12 people, and that they DROVE from Victoria for this trip.
I suddenly felt very lazy. :frowning:

I guess there are some die hard CFL fans out there!