How many fans actually attend CFL Games?

Tannen-Bell is testing the market. No one, with any common sense, expected them to get it right, right out of the gate. The Argos increased prices to give the tickets value and see if they would sell. They sold for game 1 but not game 2. Now they are trying to find a middle ground that sells seats while keeping revenue strong.

Sorry, but we already knew the market wouldn't accept these prices because Braley tried high ticket prices for years and didn't generate demand at these rates.

They needed an entry-level / newbie friendly price to build a new fan base before subtle increases after a few years.

Instead, prices have been set at Braley-level-disaster prices.

The last time the argos drew 30,000 with regularity was 2005. Go back to what worked - match those ticket prices and start from there.

They didn't know. They had a new stadium and a lot of word of mouth. I can't blame them for trying to sell the Argos at an elevated price. Again, the prices sold for Game 1. They had to try Game 2.

And, my guess, they papered the house - I know because I went to one of those games... for nothing. Papering the house if the WORST thing you can do. Better to do what they're doing and find the right price point.

They already have an entry level price point for ST with the 199.00 plan and 20.00 singles.

I think they didn't anticipate the contrast of the popularity of the west side (especially by the argo bench) vs. the east side.

The east side is where I think they need to bring season ticket prices down for next year, though I would like to see how the weekends sell first. A consistent home schedule will help too.

But the tickets prices are not what is keeping fans away, there were plenty of cheap tickets available for the last game.
Reducing them even further is not going to make people decide to go to an Argo game.
A few months ago it was all about the move to BMO Field saving the Argos and the excitement was generating huge ticket sales.
Now people are saying the stadium is not the problem it's the ticket prices? I could understand if there were no $20 to $40 seats available but there are thousands available.

Obviously the problem is that a lot of people in Toronto are just not interested in CFL football.
There is no simple short term solution to get fans to a game.

Exactly Slimjim2, there's no easy fix, and dropping prices may mean dropping the salary cap!!! This will take a concerted effort and time!

It's not the $20 tickets that need to sell, it's the higher priced ones on the east side. They're on sale and seems to be selling well compared to the last games.

I had some freinds look at the game vs. Edmonton during the CNE. Can't get anything together in the $20 range so I think that disproves that fans won't buy the cheap seats.

Edit: How does dropping prices lead to a lower salary cap? The cap is not linked to league revenues so it works in the Argos favour to price tickets according to what the market will pay.

They may choose to err on the side of caution with the cap, that is all I'm saying.

There might not be a solution, period. My hope is BCE can get in enough fans to break even and, once we see an increase in TV revenue in 2022, it will become easier.

As I have said many times. Success of the ARGOS = Setting the bar LOW.

Break even, even if it means a Grey Cup in Toronto every 5 years, and I'm fine.

OK. Makes sense.

I guess with the only 2 years left in the CBA after this season, never too early for owners to play the poor card…all of then seem to do it.

It’s also, to have this business begin to stand on it’s own legs and not be propped up with cash infusions. I see the cap going up in the next CBA negotiations. I don’t think the owners are going to cry poor, I think they want it to begin to carry itself.