How many fans actually attend CFL Games?

Love going to Bomber games. great tailgate, stadium is lively .........would even be better if we had a decent team. It's a great night to enjoy friends and few beers .

My wife and I have been Lions Seasons ticket holder for 12 years, I have all 3 of last years jerseys, my wife has 2, I go to the lockeroom sales every year. I put my money where my mouth is, win lose or draw I love my Lions. But I also love the CFL, and all it's teams. What about you Bungle? Do you have anything positive to say? Do you put your money where your mouth is?

Bought Ticats season tix this year, they had a good promotion on last november. And I spent more than I should have on beer last game, so there's that :lol:

Not a dime this season… I painted a T-shirt and beer coaster with the Bomber logo, if that means anything.
Ill go to the Bomber game this year and try to ignore the fact that more fans fit into GM Place.

Have had Ticat season tickets 14 years. Love the cfl.

The ticats have done well to make it family affordable wit great season ticket prices mini packs and promotions.

I think the title should be why are CFL fans especially on this site not going to the games .

I think some may have a more personal reason than a CFL reason for not attending . Most here are already fans and stay in touch with the league more than the average fan .

There were over 24,000 at the Redblacks game but there are maybe a handful here posting .

We are a select group who have different reasons for actually going on the site .

I can tell you all that if you go on Twitter or Facebook or any social media site those posts are read and sometimes
those articulate posts are used later by consultants and advisors in business ; especially in the entertainment business like sports . I am not sure if the posts here on this site are given the same weight .

What about past years Bungle?? Are you truly a fan? Or just a whiney #$%@&? You sure have alot to say negatively about the Lions and more so the CFL, but do you come to the table with ideas? Real tangible ones? I tip my hat to the League for allowing such negative people to post, because most leagues would have blocked folks like you. You aren't a whole new bungle, just more of the same old bungle.

Have had season tickets with my Dad to the Riders since I was roughly 5 years old. Have probably missed less than 10 games in all those years. A couple over the years due to work, a few due to sickness, and a few just due to being out of town at the time.

Love the CFL, have been to games in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

Some seem a little more sold out than others. although it’s hard to tell because so many hang out at the counters at each end or in the concourse.

I’m not sure what the problem is though. After years of being a money-drain on the league, don’t complain if an Ottawa team is finally profitable, for crying out loud.

There was a story late last year about how the team paid to have family members flown to Grey Cup. They might be spending within the cap, but that doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t help them out in other ways.

If you live in the east you are very fortunate. You are just a drive or pleasant train ride away from all 4 stadiums. I am very fortunate, around 5hrs away from the Ticats, depending on traffic. Some may think that is to far but when you live in the country, a burger is 30 min away. The location of the stadiums work out great. It allows you to pick and choose what you want to see. I would like to get back to see Winnipeg, one more time before i die., but damn it's a haul. As far as cost.. well it's a personal decision where or what you want to spend your hard earned bucks on. As far as the drunks lol. Well those days have seemed to pass, maybe beers too expensive? Na.. it's just not socially acceptable anymore. I do agree with the season ticket nonsense. It is upsetting sometimes when the later offers have all the frills. I also offer up my tickets when i would prefer to head out of town for a game, but i do agree that the cost of staying over is getting beyond a lot of families. Much like every sport. But like the man are dead a long long time. Biased as hell i know, but i tend to give hats, jackets and jerseys as gifts also. lol., Ticats of course. I just figure if they don't like it, they will give it to someone who does. mission accomplished.

Season ticket holder too but where I spend nowhere near as much is merchandise. I have a couple of ball caps but only one was bought at the stadium. No jerseys. They change too often.

A lot of my merchandise was actually bought for me by others as gifts and often when someone happens to see something they think I’d like at a Wal-Mart or Giant tiger or some such. I’ll be getting those sweaters that were displayed when the Adidas merchandise was revealed though.

Been a Rider season ticket holder since 1988 and have been going to Rider games since 1977. Moved to Calgary 11 years ago but still have my season ticket for the Riders, it's my way of still supporting them. (Get to about one game back home a year). Even bought Stamps season tickets a few years back because I just enjoy going to games, even if the Riders aren't playing. Long live the CFL!!!

Boy times have changed for the CFL and NFL I remember a young Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t give his Superbowl tickets away for free even to his friend Kramer because he was only a Canadian Football Fan . We need more Cosmo Kramers .

I have paid for 3 argos games x 2 tickets at $62 a piece. More than I think I should have to spend when I see them on Travelzoo for $40 a month later.

I would love to see ticket prices come down, as I'm sure it will attract more people to Football games.

If they can sell for $40 on Travelzoo, why isn't that the everyday price?

And travelzoo makes money too,so the Argos probably only got 20 bucks for them... It's sad really. Just sheer greed and stupidity.

Pft… More like you sell your tickets for a profit…

Overall = $372 on argos tickets. I spent $75 on Tiger-Cats tickets on the Xmas hat special ( used them on the game against Winnipeg recently). Plus I bought Labour-day tickets for $140 for a pair.

I just bought 2 tickets to see the Argos in Ottawa in September. Another $114 there. ( will complete the east division stadiums for me plus IGF)

$701 Total on CFL football this year.

Plus Blue jays tickets to 7 home games, plus 2 road games. not to mention concert tickets this summer.

I'm keeping busy.

And so what if he did sell his tickets for a profit bungle? He puts his money where his mouth is, can you say that or even in the past?

I bought two 3 game Argo packs for - for $288 total - that is $48 per game. We also picked up a couple of $25 tickets for my daughter and son-law for the last game at BMO. Why would they reduce prices when these prices are reasonable and not selling now?
We also bought a 3 game Ottawa pack for - $282 total - almost the same price as the Argo pack - Upper Deck South Side.
That’s $46 per game
We bought a Home Opener Fathers Day Special for the Ticat Home Opener - 2 tickets for $79 - that’s $39 each - Upper Deck West Side - decent tickets

My point is, why should they be reducing tickets prices when there are reasonably priced tickets available now.
They could raise ticket prices in Ottawa and Hamilton and they would still get a sell out or close to it.
They could raise the ticket prices in Toronto or reduce them it wouldn’t make any difference to attendance… The ticket prices are not the problem.

They need to reduce prices because only 12,000 people went to the last game.
This means they are over priced according to the market.
Someone at the argos agrees, which is why Travelzoo has them at such discounts.