How many fans actually attend CFL Games?

With recent evidence that the BC Lions only averaged 16000 people last season while claiming 21k. I finally feel most fans here can wrap their heads around the fact that CFL attendance has been over inflated for years. Peter King from SI went to a Stamps game last season and said the building was 60% full. The announced attendance was 27k, but 60% of 35k is only 20k.
Saskatchewan, is the only honest team on all of pro sports when it comes to attendance, and seems to give their real attendance, and thus have actually reported numbers lower than their season ticket base. As for the sellout streak in Hamilton, it seems semi legitimate, but we all know they have a couple thousand empty seats for several games during the streak( or at least several hundred)
Edmonton is hard to tell, but the place often looks less than half full, but reports an attendance at or above half full.
I say all of this, because Winnipeg had more seats empty seats at IGF than I have ever seen. Yet the announced 24k or only 9000 empty seats.
I honestly fear for the future of this league.
Like if you are on the fence about giving up your seasons tickets, staring at a stadium that is at 30% capacity in Vancouver, or 40% capacity in Edmonton, or 50-60% capacity in Calgary, and Winnipeg has gotta tell you to throw in the towel too. This is going to snowball badly, unless the CFL does sonething about it right fucking now!!!
A 35% ticket price slash across the league is urgently needed for next year, for the six markets not called Saskatchewan, Ottawa or Hamilton.
This fire needs to be put out now!!!

What also drives me nuts is these teams overcharge for tickets, but then also give them away. The Lions for instance have a market with the lowest wages in Western Canada. Instead of charging 80 bucks for adult tickets, and then devaluing your product completely by handing out 5 dollar kid tickets. Why not charge 50 dollars for adult tickets and 25 dollars for kids tickets. Its a much more level headed aproach where you might just draw 30k again like just a few short seasons ago.
Like I got my satalite radio for 99 dollars one year. I actually cancelled it the next year when they wanted 250 for it again. I had veen paying 250 dollars for years, thinking that it was worth it, but when I got it for 99 bucks, it made me angry that I had been getting ripped ofg for all of those years.
No one is going to spend 50 bucks on a ticket,vwhen they got in for 5 bucks the game before. This is business 101 CFL.

But why cut the price of tickets in Toronto when there are thousands available every game from $20 to $35, fans aren't showing up because of the price of tickets. Even if they cut the $20 tickets down to $13 which would be your 35% cut it wouldn't make any difference. Plus they are selling $4 beers at the pre-game party too.
We were in Ottawa for the home opener and it was standing room only, no need to cut ticket prices, no cheap beer there. No need to cut prices in Hamilton either.

As for TO. Did you notice the fullest section in the stadium was the endzone?
Price drops to 2010 levels are needed in TO ASAP.
I went to the tomb in 2011 for the Rider game, and was shocked at the prices. I bought a cheapy(still 40 bucks) but ended up sitting right at centre field. Thd guy behind me got in for free ,and brought his son… He laughed through the whole first half and ridiculed the CFL, and left at halftime. Free tickets do nothing yo bring in new fans
I was free to sit anywhere in the stadium, and talked to a Rogers employee who told me Argos games bring in 11k and Jays games bring in 13 k.

I'm frustrated as well when my family pays a high price, then I see promotions for tickets at a lower cost and free merchandise added on to the ticket. Meanwhile, I even had to pay for special hard tickets this year. Ya, some may disagree with my complaints, but that's how I feel. Does it stop my family from attending? No. But it would just be nice for my kids to get the free stuff as well since buying Season Tickets isn't cheap.

I just hope that CFL teams never have to do what Rogers had to do, and actually give money back to customers because the prices dtopped so drastically

I'm a hypocrite because I only go to one or two games per year.

Who the hell can afford it? 200 bucks for three hours of entertainment is stupid.Thats only for two people, heaven help those dumb enough to have children.

If you can't afford to go to games bungle-boy, don't continually try to spoil it for others who enjoy Canadian football. Perhaps it's time for you to move onto another league or past time which doesn't annoy you so much? :roll:

I Attend 2 sometimes 3 games a season. Usually when my Esks come to Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa.

It's very hard with my geographic location but some fans are very Fair Weather and in the summer its too hot, Its raining, or I am going to the cottage. Hard core real fans will attend every game they possibly can.

Keep intending to go down to Montreal for a game but never do; just don't travel as much as I used to for any reason, getting old I guess.

Won't go to Habs or Als games here in Ottawa for three main reasons: (1) don't want to help fund "the enemy", (2) more importantly I just don't have the patience for the boorish behaviour of drunken fans (guess I am not just getting old), and (3) TV coverage is so good that the in-stadium/arena experience doesn't match it.

I am a former Stamps season holder.

Now I will got to 5 or 6 games a year.

I got out to Van City for 2 or 3 Lions games a year.

I watch all the games on tv.

I am doing my part.


I need to go to more than 1 or 2 a year. I wish I had a rating’s box so my viewership would count. We, as CFL fans, also need to support CFL sponsors.

How far are you from Hamilton Kevin , I have seasons and am 200 km away , can’t make every game but feel I am doing my part cause I never want to be without CFL football .
In the 1990’s when the team was in trouble I would even buy extra tickets and donate them to youth groups . A tax receipt was provided for doing such .
I hope to always to be able to make it to games and such things as G.Cs but as we get older there may come a time that it may not be possible , but I am going to do it as long as I can walk around and as long as I know my own name … and why shouldn’t we do what we brings us joy and pleasure as long as we can afford to do so , we are dead a long time ! Cheers

GHT you should try VIA rail if you don’t like to drive for an Als game or go on the RB’s bus when they play . Molson stadium is a treat to watch from minus what happened last Friday night .

As far as Lansdowne you are missing a second treat as the CFL has never been as popular since the 70’s in Ottawa and TD Place has a fantastic atmosphere . You can park at the post office and grab the bus to the game run very efficiently or just go OC from where you live unless out in the boonies .

I live in Niagara Falls. I use to be a Season Ticket holder but gave them up after I retired. I know I shouldn’t have. I seem to be getting cheap in my old age. As I said earlier, I’m a hypocrite. :frowning:

I will definitely go to a Grey Cup in Hamilton, no matter the cost.

I forgot to mention the Grey Cups I have been to.

1993 and 2014

It is not the drive, I actually like driving (even the desolate, boring 417/40 trek; just never was a frequent traveller and just less so now. Although they are Als fans #2 still applies and #3 may trump everything else.

#1 is just a line I can’t seem to bring myself to cross. I’ve even turned down free tickets.

R u talking about Melnuk

I wouldn't step foot in that place.
This is ridiculous!!!!

If they truely are selling out every game, they are bringing in revenues of about 20 million. Throw in TV money and sponsorship and this team is literally spending about 15% of its revenues on players. In other words, this team is a fuckin gold mine