How many Eskimos were on the Roster for All 5?

More specificly.....How many Eskimos have their name on the cup for all five seasons? Did any get there name on the cup for all five and in 87 as well?

21 played on all 5 Cup teams("78-82")
2 played on all 5 and also on the "87" Cup team (Pothier,Stevenson)as well as the "75" Cup team
8 played on all 5 and also on the "75" Cup team(Pothier,Stevenson,Fennell,Cutler,Estay,Kepley,Potter,Highbaugh)

That Eskimo team was one for the ages:6 Grey Cups won in an 8 year span,impossible to fathom keeping a team that intact nowadays with todays constant roster turnover from year from to year.In todays CFL you're lucky if you have 21 players on a team left over from the season before let alone 5 years running.

But but but... the salary cap saved the

What salary cap saved what league? :cowboy:

The SMS is responsible for teams cutting vetran players who are identifable with fans ,who are replaced with inferior but cheeper players. Winnipeg's old coach..Berry..(cant remember his first name) Lost his locker room when after final cutdowns, where he addressed his players and told them that they were not the best players at training camp...but were the best that he could afford under the SMS

it doesn't force anyone to cut players, it causes salaries to remain balanced. The player doesn't get cut, their wage simply doesn't get inflated and teams can't go New York Yankee at a tittle run. If the player insists on being paid highly, the staff will weigh that demand out against a new player and make a fiscally responsible decision...not because they want to, but because they are forced to play within the bidding economics of all teams. A league where only a couple teams can honestly afford to be serious contenders every season...who wants MLB

Yeah,the last thing the league needs is be be like MLB with the Yankees being perpetual contenders or where only two to three teams ever win.

Don't forget the NBA where the best team money can buy The Heat are in their 4th finals in a row and going for the 3-peat.
Boooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg :roll: One of the reasons that I don't follow the NBA or MLB much anymore,to predictable and the salaries these clowns get are IMO obscene and getting worse all the time.No one should be paid $1000000.000 just because he can throw a ball in a basket or hit a baseball. :thdn:

I don't know about the CFL so much, but in the NFL I've found that the salary cap has made a convenient excuse to drop guys without taking too much heat, like a popular veteran towards the end of his career. "Oh, we'd love to keep him around, but we need the cap space". Yet teams can manage to keep Brady and Manning salaries around just fine.