How many Eskimo fans do you think will go to the final game?

I don't need to it's approximate.

How should I know how much money they've given. Ask the Rider head office, maybe they'll tell you.

Because you're the one that says they gave money to the Riders all throughout the 90's. I just want to know where you got your information from.

Because the only time the Riders needed bailing out it was the province who did it. The Riders had a telethon in 1997 and the fans chipped in to keep the Riders around when they were $2.6 million in debt.

I see the McMahon syndrome strikes again!

$3,728,462.26 approximately

You call this number an approximation? Sounds like a bean counter's number to me. Of course, nothing to back it up with, but we should believe just because you say so. SHOW US THE MONEY!!!!

It's fine for all the haters out there to make outrageous claims with regard to fixing games, Hugh Campbell controlling the league, etc, etc, etc., now you want to bust my balls over a figure i made up to poke some fun at your ridiculous statement.

Gate equalization in the CFL started in 1968. That year the Argonauts were the largest contributor at around $1,000,000.00. Since then every team with the exception of the Eskimos has benefitted from gate equalization, including the Argo's.

Do I have figures, absolutely not, they don't share that with the public. Is gate equalization a reality, read the papers sometime.

In the meantime I will go on blissfully enjoying the game and not particularly hating any team. Try not being obsessed with hate, you'll live longer.

Why are you bothering with this guy!
Its obvious sour grapes because they didnt make the playoffs. He will make up anything to try to feel better about his team!

On the contrary, I feel quite fine with my team. It's been a pretty good run.

If you choose to deny that the Eskimos have helped out your team in the past it's OK by me. Meanwhile, I will now go on with life cheering for the Stampeders for the rest of the year.

Isn't life fun when you have a positive attitude.