How many Eskimo fans do you think will go to the final game?

Hence, I'm not exactly expecting it :wink: My apologies to the good ones out there, but Eskimos fans are not generally known for being classy ... cocky, maybe ...

There's also the underhanded trades and blatant disregard for salary caps ...

Can you prove either of those?

You mean trades approved by the league and "speculation" on salary figures?

I hate the Esks because of their fans, I could give a rats ass how many years they made it to the playoffs in a row...

You mean blatant disregard for salary caps that aren't enforced, and that every single team in the league breaks because of it? Is that the kind of salary cap you are talking about? Kind of like when Calgary paid Doug Flutie a $1,000,000 per year "personal services" contract in the 1990's, to keep that salary off their books for the salary cap? A luxury that deep pocketed privetely owned teams such as the stamps have enjoyed for years, and community owned teams like the Eskimos can't do, since they need to make their books public? Do you consider that an unfair advantage? Is that the kind of cheating and underhandedness against a rule that isn't enforced that you are talking about?

As for the "underhanded" trades. Are you talking about perfectly legitimate trades that break no rules, whatsoever, are approved by the league office, and help a team win the Grey Cup? Is that the kind of trade you are talking about?

Try again.

Success allows the luxury of cockiness and arrogance. Just wait and see if your team can ever translate their regular season success into actually accomplishing something in the playoffs. Year after year after year. And then tell me that you don't see any arrogant Lions fans.

Well said Larry, add to that this fact. The same Eskimos who many of you hate so much have supported virtually every CFL team financially over that period. There is no a single CFL franchise which has not been helped out by the Eskimos organization. The worst being Toronto after receiving aid from the Eskimos when facing bankruptsy, then turning around and signing John Avery away as a free agent the next season.

It always amazes me that people can take more glee out of another team losing than their own team winning. Get a life people. After reading some of the negative, vitriolic comments that have appeared here, I wouldn't blame the Eskimos organization if theY told the next team with their hands out looking for help to go straight to He**.

While all of you are busy criticizing the most successful, benevolent and supportive franchize in league history, chew on this for a while. Every dollar that the Eskimos have made has either gone back into the community or to support the league. Your privately owned clubs on the off years they don't lose money and are sponging off the Eskimos, any profit they make goes into the owners pockets.

I have tried to take the high road and reserve comment on the negative track taken by the "hate" generation but I had to comment on these attacks.

As for whether or not the Edmonton fans will be supporting their team. One thing I will guarantee is that you will never see an Eskimo team receiving a hand out from their opponents, even though they have given them out to all. The Eskimos fans are simply the most supportive fans in the league win or lose. Most of you aren't old enough to remember the losing Eskimo teams of the 60'S and 70's but I do and take it from me the fan support has always been ther and always will be, win or lose.

Enjoy your moment in the sun but instead of hating the Eskimos and their fans, you should be trying to emulate them.

For now, "GO STAMPS GO!!!"

I have so much respect for the Eskimos and their fans.

I was hoping, for the CFL's sake, that they would make the playoffs this year.

Brilliant post, cfleskfan. I am sometimes amazed at the ignorance required for fans to direct their hate towards the Eskimos. If it weren’t for the Eskimos, the CFL would not exist. Period. Time and time again, teams such as Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, etc, have come on bended knee to the Eskimos, with their hands out, begging to be bailed out of the financial hole they’ve doug themselves. Time and time again, the Eskimos give them their hard earned money, for the benefit of the league.

It was definitely something to remember when the Argos were on the verge of bankruptcy one year, and required teams such as the Eskimos to pay for the players salaries that they could no longer afford. After taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in handouts, the Argos go ahead, the very next year, and outbid Edmonton for Avery, paying him $250K, which was over double the standard rate for a starting RB. Now, they seem to have $500K to sign Ricky Williams. And, attendance is actually down in TO. But, you know what? If/when the Argos go belly up again, the Eskimos will send large cheques their way, since it is best for the league. Is it fair to financially bail out a team that time and time again spends money on salaries that they can’t afford? Essentially forcing the Eskimos to pay for the large salaries of the players they are competing against? Nope. But, they do it anyways.

The most amazing thing is that all of the Eskimos money is generated through revenue. Ticket and merchandise sales, etc. When the stamps were paying Flutie, when Toronto was paying Ismail, or Flutie, or Avery, or Williams, etc, they are relying on the deep pockets of a wealthy owner. When the owner is tired of the financial losses, he walks away, and the bills are paid by guess who.

:oops: Who gives a damn!

for the CFL's SAKE, I'm GLAD they missed! It's about damn time!

In all reality there are 70% more fans in the CFL that probably partied extremely hard yesterday celebrating the Elimination of the Esks! and those 30% who for some stupid reason actually feel sorry for them, think about what they've done to your teams in the past so that they could survive another year!

Toronto: "Stole all those players in that trade many years ago" the esks got all this benefit out of it, and the players who went to Toronto failed miserably.

Hamilton: "Took Davis and and Lineman, who happened to help them win the Grey Cup" and The Ti-Cats got Zip all, until this season.

B.C.: Back a long time ago, the Esks screwed the Lions when they Sent Dunigan to the Lions for all those players, including Willie Pless.. jee.. I wonder who won THAT deal? lord. another swindle.

Stop feeling sorry for the Eskimos because they Missed the playoffs for once...

be thankful that you don't have to worry about them.. after all those years they screwed your team.. they are finally getting what's been long coming to them!

You are correct. Over the decades, the Eskimos management has done an excellent job of making trades to bring in the right players, at the right times. It is one of the essential trade marks of a successful and profitable organization to make good trades. Not sure what your point is, but the Eskimos appreciate your compliments!!!

Who gives a damn?

You should, because if it weren't for the Eskimos franchise bailing your sorry-ass team out year after year, the only sport you would be enjoying is the annual golpher hunt.

What year were the Riders bailed out by the Eskimos?

they did nothing for us year after year..

I'm glad the Esks missed. I hope they start missing for a few years in a row, like the Riders did back in the 80's.. Then lets see how loyal those Eskimo Fans are...

You would be far harder pressed to name a year when the Eskimos didn't. I won't name a year but I will give you a decade, how about the 90's.

History bucko, learn from it.

And how much money did the Esks give the Riders in the 90's?

....Sounds like the History Professor has snuck out the back door along with the rest of the Schmoe fans.. :lol: :lol:

$3,728,462.26 approximately.

And do you have anything to back-up that number?