How many Eskimo fans do you think will go to the final game?

Now that Edmonton has been eliminated from the playoffs how do you think their fan support will be for their last home game of the season against Saskatchewan? I don't know how many season tickets they have sold, but do you think that there will be a sharp drop in attendance, or will the fans support their team now that they aren't at the top of the league?

Any idea what the attendance was today?

I don't expect the attendance to drop very much for next season, but the final game of this season could be ugly around 25 thousand. And the esks have sold 25,000 season tickets this year.

Schedule page says it was 39,533.

This was the first esks game I’ve missed this year, but I’m curious what it was to. If I had to guess by looking at the crowd from TV, I’d say 35 thousand.

It will be cold out so my guess is that the stadium will be full of Rider fans, and the Eskies wives of course.

If the game means second place for the Riders, you might sell it out…drat…I just jinxed us, didn’t I?

Anyway, it will be the first test of how loyal Eskimo fans are.
I think they should pack the place and give them a standing ovation before the game for the 34 years they were in the play-offs.
It seems unlikely, but that would be the class thing to do.

I think it will a good turnout for the last game of the year. 1st they are playing a rival, and second a lot of Rider fans in Edmonton might show up for this one. There should be a good crowd for this game, I dont think the Eskimos missing the playoffs will make much of a difference.

people in edmonton are band wagon jumpers and will only support the oilers, because they are the favlour of the month, the only people to witness the eskimos last game might be macciocia's family/relatives.

Incredibly intelligent post. Yes, a stadium with 60,000 seats will only contain the head coaches family and relatives. So, an attendance of what, about 40 or 50 people max? Oh, and Edmonton has always supported the Oilers, not just when they are the “favlour” of the month. You are a bright one, my son.

Me and 6 buddies are going so there will be a guaranteed 6.

I think that there will be 45,000 in attendance to watch the Esks play spoiler to Sasks hopes of getting a home playoff spot.

Considering the seats I had to settle for when picking up my tickets two weeks ago, a lot of people would have to let their tickets go to waste and stay home for the crowd not to reach 45,000.

That's the concelation prize this year, killing the Riders hopes of a home playoff spot.

39,000+ was the number that was announced.

EE if the tickets have already been sold then even if the fans don't show up they will still be counted in the official attendance.

If I lived in Edmonton and was a fan, I would gladly go to the final game despite how this season turned out for the simple reasons that they established a North American record in Pro. sports that will probably never be touched and they have entertained the fans with some incredible Football during that time and I would go just to say THANK YOU! for 34 awsome years.

They tally the tickets when they scan them at the door. They use Symbol SPT1700 PDA’s to scan the tickets. At half time, they synch the PDA’s and get a tally for attendance.

They do the same thing at Rexall and the Saddle Dome.

Good post geo, most people on this forum overlook that accomplishment.

It's not the accomplishment, that is pretty amazing. It's the arrogance from the teamn and fans that comes with the team's accomplishments. If the EE team/fans would act a little more...humble, EE probably wouldn't be hated as much as they are.

Success breeds contempt and jealousy. It would be virtually impossible for a team to rack up a North American Pro Sports Record of 34 Consecutive Years in the Playoffs, and have the most CFL Grey Cups with 13, and NOT have the fans of other teams hate you. When your team has made the playoffs for the 34th straight year, and won its 13th Grey Cup, come back to us and let us know if they are hated any less by fans of other teams.

Success also bred arrogance in Edmonton, and THAT breeds contempt and hatred.

Just a word of warning for those Rider fans that go to the game!.. Don't wear your Riders Gear.. Those Eskimos fans will be looking to pick fights with them! When the Rider fans start to egg them on "HAHA you missed the playoffs!" and so on, the Eskie fans will get all angry and start crap!

The Fans of Edmonton have been in the playoffs for so many years that they Don't know what it's like for their team to be out!

i'd be scared if I were a Riders fan!