How many do we need to win to get in the play offs?

Friday, September212018
Montreal @ Winnipeg

Saturday, September292018
Winnipeg @ Edmonton

Friday, October52018
Winnipeg @ Ottawa

Saturday, October132018
Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg

Friday, October262018
Calgary @ Winnipeg

Saturday, November32018
Winnipeg @ Edmonton

With these being the remaining games left how many do you think we need to win to get into the playoffs? Or do you think we are out. ???

If we can’t beat Montreal, we’re toast.

It’s getting harder and harder to be positive about this team. Look at other teams who needed help. They went out and got it. We stand pat, as usual. And why do we stand pat, because our HC says he is pleased with the depth. That would be the same depth that has sat on the bench for most of the season and is now expected to perform like superstars. The same depth that COULD have been given some playing time but our HC keeps our starting QB and RB and others out there in spite of a lopsided score. This is how it comes back to bite you.

I am still a Bomber fan but my faith is at an all time low. In over 50 years as a fan I bet I’ve missed only 5 or 6 games. I’m glad we have the bye this week. I don’t have to watch another embarrassment.

Yes Montreal is a must win. Also I feel we need to win four games to have a chance. Very slim but I still feel better about this team then six years and more ago. At least these guys don't give up like in the past. Still mad at the team when we lost to Calgary 55 to 10 under Burke and players were laughing on the bench if my memory serves me right. I'm still willing to support Mike if they can mount a comeback.

3 wins gets you a 70%+ chance for the cross-over (8-10 overall)

2 wins gets you a 20% or less chance for the cross-over (7-11)

4 wins (including one over Sask’n) gives us a 55% chance for 3rd in west (9-9)

That said - winning 3rd in west isn’t much of a win - we were 2nd in west last year (12-6) and succumbed to Mike Legend & the Esks in the west semi-final even with Nichols having an outstanding game (coaching, as now expected was weak)

Winning 3rd in west gives us about a 15% chance to suppress the Esks, and this time we’d have to do it at Commonwealth.

Crossing over - our chances in the eastern semi would be markedly better.

25 to 33% chance vs. the Redblacks
20 to 25% chance vs. Ti-Cats

Odds are not with this team - and for good reason!

Yeah 8 wins is usually the magic number, so 3 more wins will be needed.

The only flicker of hope is the fact that FINALLY, FINALLY something was done in the last game. They changed up players. Probably too little too late.

If I owned a company (and I did) I would never keep incompetent people on the payroll. It’s business, not personal. I sound like the Godfather. ;D

When I managed a company but did not have firing or hiring power, the owner hired friends. These people cost the company money everyday with their incompetence. The owner would not fire or reprimand these employees. That company does not exist today. What a waste… I see the same thing with MOS and to a lesser extent, Walters.

Bomber management & coaches were celebrating last nite’s rider loss as if they won the Grey Cup.

If the Riders had beaten Ottawa - the bombers would have had to go 1-5 down the stretch, bombers could have had to go 4-2 just to tie the riders (and win on games vs. each other)

Now with riders at 7-5, bombers at 5-7 the only path to 3rd place is bombers winning 2 more games than riders down the stretch.

ie. If Riders go 3-3, bombers have to be 5-1 (3-3 is possible cuz Riders aren’t that good, squashing the listless bombers 2 in a row was a mirage) but bombers going 5-1 thats nigh on impossible.

Riders going 2-4 means bombers have to go 4-2 to secure 3rd in West (ignoring what BC does). Perhaps a 20 to 25% chance of that happening.

Then they get the honor of going to Commonwealth to be spanked by Reilly & The Esks.

Focus always on winning games (standard party line in bomberville) but the sad reality is this team is in hobo-ville; squaring off for a fight for 4th in west w/ BC. Suspect 2 more wins might get the bombers into the crossover - assuming the Lions do same.

If Jennings and the Lions go 3-3 I don’t like the bombers chances for crossover country. Only chance is Lions only winning 1, maybe 2 games at most. Then there’s a 40 to 45% chance we can secure the crossover. Still have to win games - thats the biggest challenge!

……I’m going to take my neg. hat off and think positively

…We need to beat the best in the west…Cal…Edm. to get a sniff in the west…That’s a very tall order BUT one thing in our favour is the fact both of those clubs may have their playoff spots secured by the time we play them…Last Cal./Edm. games for sure

…We can’t lose this Friday or it’s all over

…Edm… schmoes failing fast at first place finish… we might have a shot??

….Ottawa…they’ll be playing for first spot in the east…very doubtful

……Sask…….must win and can’t see them beating us at home twice…BUT

………Cal………Should have first in the west all sewn up…a win maybe

…………Edm…AGAIN at the igloo… We have to hope they are resting players also a maybe

….That’s as positive as I can get guys…IF ( a lot of IF’S) our QB. situation holds up…a BIG MAYBE for third in the west…

….Crossover???perhaps and another one and done most likely

All in all not a pretty picture for a team 5 yrs. with this current regime…………………………HOWEVER we have to remember this is the CFL

If this team was as good playing games as they are selling us a bill of goods, we’d already have a playoff spot secured.

Historically speaking - even if the bombers stank out IGF this Friday - I can see them automatically going into rosey-rose mode and start guffing us about the final 5 games being “out there for the taking” … . . . . . yikes, just yikes if they start doing that . . .