how many come to see the edmonton eskimos?

I guess we will see 27,000

CKNW said already over 25,000 sold so I will say 32,000

I still think only 27.000 it is supose to be a vetry hot friday night 31 degrees i heard.

and fridays do not sell well.

They will sell more than 2,000 tickets in the week. The report said the Lions are actually expecting 35,000.

I don't think it will be that many but the Eskimos are always a good draw. Given they have over 22,000 season tickets sold .... every game should be over 30,000 this season.

I predict 30,558 fans will show up. My fear is if its hot , there will be too much beer consumed and all the pee brained attention seekers will be acting like freaking morons ruining it for the true football fans.

32,500 great to see a true fan base.

I think 30,000 + Friday BEFORE Labour day is okay for attendance.

It should be an offensive show! I'll go out and predict we'll see 70 points between both teams.

I hope you are wrong, but if history is correct in repeating itself......... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Perhaps the teams can show us their "Tackling" drill on any idiots that run onto the field. :roll: :roll:

Just heard on nw today that there is over 27,000, so know i am saying just over 30,000. Could you imagine if this was out side on friday, i say over 50,000

Sigh, a retractable dome would be nice......

Ya, nothing like going INSIDE to watch a football game on a perfect summer night. I agree, a retractable roof would bring in an extra 10,000 fans to the game. Oh well...

maybe 32,231

The fact is, it rains a lot in Vancouver, people were miserable at Empire Stadium from what i heard, so they build a dome, and everyone complains because they weren't old enough to remember when VANCOUVER HAD AN OUTDOOR STADIUM FOR OVER 30 YEARS. It rained almost every game, we build a dome and it doesn't rain, GO FIGURE! The fact is it does rain a lot here, and unfortunately everyone complains because all but 2 times has it rained on a Lions game, when it rained ALL the time at Empire Stadium.

Retractable roof not possible at BC Place, too heavy, not designed for another 100,000 tonnes to be added to a 20 year old structure.

Second, its only like this for two months.

Third, they will not open up more than 35,000.

Fourth, nobody had a problem in the 80's when the city was half this size and it was full. Its pretty nice come september october november, grey cup. Could you imagine the Grey cup in Vancouver in an outdoor stadium....ugly. We're talkin late November people. There's a reason why we get so many grey cups, because we have a dome.

Fifth, if you want a new stadium, thats got a retractable roof, (and hopefully not moved out of the downtown core away from the canucks like the city planners want to do and build condos over the old BC Place spot) not going to the games isn't gonna help get the money together either.

Sixth, be a little more understanding of the size of the league, and the fact that BC Place was built to hold 80,000 seats if it was an NFL size field, and is bigger than the Pontiac Silverdome, besides the fact that CFL teams actually need people in the seats to survive because we DON'T HAVE 300 MILLION PEOPLE TO SUPPORT A TV CONTRACT THAT KEEPS EVERY NFL TEAM ALIVE EVEN IF NOBODY WAS IN ANY OF THEIR STADIUMS SEATS (SO KEEP IN MIND IT TAKES A LITTLE BIT MORE EFFORT TO BUILD A GIGANTIC STADIUM IN CANADA; ESPESCIALLY SINCE THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT [UNLIKE THE US GOVERNMENT] BACKED OUT OF ALL GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATED ARENAS AND STADIUMS. Everyone wanted domes in the 80's. Don't take it out on the BC Lions.

BC place showed that every government project doesn't have to be the BIG O, or Skydome. It hosts many many huge events and is almost boooked up all the time, Rolling Stones, Pavaratti, Auto SHows, boat shows. And thats also because the field size IS SO MASSIVE thanks to the CFL, they wouldn't have this much room in the Silverdome. The government makes money off this thing, and they could keep it goin and keep renovating if they wanted to, put in a good A/C system or something for the whiners.

I personally could care less about the sun blaring in my eyes as i squint to see the game from UV damage, but thats just me, not to mention mosquitos and bugs and all that crap.

If you want to go to the beach, its just down the street man. If you want to watch a football game, go to a football game. Not to mention its only like 10 o clock when you get out, perfect time to go to Granville street or something downtown.

Great rant, I just wish that they had some way of keeping the stadium cool, like air conditioning. For a city that rains non stop and gets around freezing a roof is a necesity if you want to get the casual croud in.

Great rant but 2 things: 1) BC Place does not make money (it used to but has been in the red for the last few years). 2)The Metrodome in Minneapolis , and the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, are carbon copies of BC Place and are home to NFL sized fields, yet seat just over 60,000.
Anyways, great rant again :thup:

I could've sworn BC Place made money.
oh well, at least its not the big O financially.

Not bad for a guy who never been to empire stadium eh?

Team 1040 is reporting 33,000 tickets have been sold for tomorrow's game.

Would somebody please tell me how many tickets are sold because first i here 33,000 and then 30,000 and i even heard today 29,000.
Does anybody know i just keep hearing on the team 1040 that they are excepting 33,000 not that they have sold that many.

You arn't missing anything from old Empire Stadium. The seats were hard, not only did it rain water, but the Pidgeons "bombed" you as well. I don't miss Empire. I like BC Place, but I wish the dome was retractable.

Guess I'll have a shower before and after tomorrows game!

I would think the 29,000 number is accurate.
During the Breakfast Blitz on Wednesday, George Chayka mentioned they were expecting between 32,000 and 33,000.
Then for whatever reason, News 1130 was saying 33,000 sold as of yesterday. Maybe they misunderstood it was a projected attendance.Whatever the case, it will be their biggest regular season crowd in nearly 20 years. :smiley: