How many cities have you attended a game in? No Exhibition

How many cities you've seen a CFL game in?
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0 - I want to go in 2021 but maybe we have to wait for the pandemic rules to end because we are coming from the US.

I have been to 9 Stadiums in 7 different Cities and been on the field in 6 of them

And by the should have options for at least 11 maybe 12 cities

Ottawa, Toronto(STH), Hamilton, Calgary

NICE for you. My wife and I had intended to travel to each Rider game in 2021 as I have just retired. Covid will put that off likely until 2022 or 23 now.


it would probably be more appropriate to ask, how many cities have you attended a game in

I seen a game in every city watching on the tube :slight_smile:

I have seen a game on the tube while living in 3 different cities :slight_smile:

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I still haven't seen a CFL game in Vancouver or Montreal, despite having visited the teams there multiple times. Been to one everywhere else (and four Grey Cups).

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Toronto and Ottawa.

9 cities, 15 stadiums


I have attended a Grey Cup in every CFL city (every Grey Cup since 1992)


Vancouver: Empire Stadium, Empire Field, BC Place old and new.
Edmonton: Commonwealth
Calgary: McMahon
Regina: Mossaic, Taylor Field
Winnipeg: IG Field

6 (7 if you count Hamilton's sojourn in Guelph for one year). Missing Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Regina. :sleepy:

If you want stadia, add 2 more in Toronto, and another in Hamilton.

I've been to 4. Saskatchewan (ST holder), Calgary (multiple games), Winnipeg (multiple games) and Edmonton (multiple times).

I'd love to go to a game in Hamilton and BC (when they are good again).

Shockingly only 2
Toronto (home) and Montreal

You would think Hamilton (or even Ottawa) but never been to either
(I even own a Ti-Cats hat lol)

All of the Western Division cities, plus I was at a Bombers vs Riders exhibition game played in Saskatoon at Gordie Howe Bowl (now Saskatoon Minor Football Field) in the mid-1980s. I have been in Ivor Wynne in Hamilton and the Big O in Montreal, but not for CFL games in either case, and I was at a Jays game at the old CNE Stadium, but not for a CFL game.

The 4 East cities

Been to all the Canadian cities for a game except for Hamilton and Montreal. And I went to the Rider game in Las Vegas where the Canadian national anthem was sung to the tune of O' Christmas Tree.


5 cities-Grey Cups in Vancouver (74 and 87), Hamilton-96, and Calgary in 2000. Went to regular season games in Toronto, Hamilton and Edmonton.

8 so far, including a season in Guelph and a game in Baltimore. Missing Sask. and Edmonton, hopefully this year.


Baltimore! Impressive.