How many challenges have gone againt MTL

Geez when is Montreal going to get a break from these bush league refs the Cahoon reception was clearly a catch :roll:

I agree 100% it was no doubt a catch!!! I really don’t know what other replays these ref’s are seeing!

What gets me is this surviving contact with the ground garbage, How many steps is the receiver supposed to take before it becomes a non issue?

Ro, that call had me shaking my head as well. Cahoon had control, had possession, his knee hit the turf, and THEN the ball came out. It's a completion as far as I'm concerned. Good thing it didn't affect the game.

Good job Als, that win keeps the Argos within striking distance.

The reffing should come as no surprise, there’s a reason they call it the “Argo bounce” and at home, they get plenty of them.

Maybe he should hold onto the ball longer and you should stop watching replays in slow motion :roll:

Maybe they should be consistant when calling the plays. I have been saying this for years, Surviving contact with the ground is crazy, How many steps does the reciever have to take before it is no longer an issue? 5? 10? 20? If I catch the ball and run 100 yards and lose it when tackled on the goal line, Will they say I did not survive contact?

Maybe you should learn something about the game before you come into our forum trolling. Both Cuthbert and Suitor were sure the original call was going to stand, and both were very surprised when it was overturned. Suitor even went so far as to say he was going to agree to disagree on the call.

And the whole point was that the officials made the right call initiall, then messed it up AFTER watching it under the hood during review.