How many CFL teams are community-owned?

And which ones?

I think Edmonton and Saskatchewan are community-owned, but is that correct and are there any others?

...that is correct, Winnipeg is technically still community-owned but has a pending sale to David Asper in the works....


From what I remember from years ago, and I could be wrong here, all the Western clubs including Winnipeg were community owned and all the Eastern ones were private.

What's the situation in Calgary and Vancouver now?

You are correct. Vancouver and Calgary are privately owned.

Calgary was publicly owned until like 1990.

the Asper Deal has conditions in which the team reverts to community ownership(say if Asper goes insane or bankrupt)

Right now it's still 3 of the 8 teams.
It would make sense should IF an eastern team ever Join QBC, HFX, MCT that they look strongly at community ownership. IF!

All threads become expansion threads. :wink:

Does anybody know about the NFL? (I know its off topic, but im just wondering).

I know that Green Bay is 'community owned' (i think they call it something else though). Are there any other NFL teams?

Just Green Bay.

It must be the only way to get a team going in the absence a private owner. Definitely looks like the way to go for any potential startups, rather than sitting on their hands and waiting for some private owner to come along. If the team does well it can be sold later.

The Ticats aren't publicly owned but Ivor Wynne Stadium is.

I think there are a few other publicly owned CFL stadiums also.


City of Edmonton does own Commonwealth