How Many CFL Grand Slams have you completed?

CFL Grand Slam: In the same city attending a regular season game, a Semi-Final, a Final and a Grey Cup.

How Many CFL Grand Slams have you completed?
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Would it be in the same season or over time.

I would say over time. In the history of the CFL attending all 4 types of game in the same city in the same year happened only 3 times!

Ottawa 1967
Toronto 1968
Calgary 1993

Barring the return of the 2 game total point series or a mass expansion of the playoff field, it will never happen again

I forgot about the fact that there's only 3 playoff rounds.

I did, however, saw the Lions visiting Calgary 4 times in 2000.

2 regular season games, playoff final, and Grey Cup.

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With the Argos oddball home schedule until recently, I can say I've attended a CFL game on every day of the week.... including a Friday playoff game :wink:

how do they have both a final and a semi final in the same city in the same year?

When there are two semi-finals because 4 teams per division make the playoffs.

I believe that's what happened in Calgary in '93.

Not sure about examples from the 60s. Were there two-game total point series for both East semis and finals those years?

Edit: some quick googling says the semis in those years were single elimination games but the division finals were two-game total points series.

Forget about the same year.

It is not possible in the same season

It does not matter
C play B in B's city
Winner plays in A city

And 4 teams never make the playoff in the same division...we yeah with a crossover but D does not play the playoff in the same division as a b and c

Edit I looked up the 1993 schedule and yes Calgary played the semi and the final in Calgary

I only have the first half of the slam.

Yeah the short lived US expansion created this annomoly

94, BC was the CG host but they lost on the road in round 1 and 95 the Riders were the CG host but missed the playoffs.

It makes a good trivia question :wink:

Yeah, four playoff teams per division can only happen if we expand the current playoff format. Maybe if we ever get to 12 teams again, though I wouldn't be overly shocked if the league adopted an 8-team playoff format if/when the Schooners materialize.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2013. not all in the same city or with the same teams but regular season, at least one playoff game and the GC in the same year.

I wish. Only Grey Cup or regular season in different seasons.

Wow that is one busy day!