How Many Cats Will Be East All=Stars

The Cat D is the best in the league . Dylan Wynn, Teddy, Ja’Gared Davis, Simoni, Rico Murray, Richard Leonard, and Tunde Adeleke should be chosen .

The Cat O is tops in the east . With 12 wins so far, Filer, Revenberg, Van Zeyl , Mathews, Banks, Addison, and Evans deserve the honour of being called East All -Star.

Coach of the year is an obvious choice .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

The talking heads are pushing hard for Khari to be COTY.

Can’t imagine it, but stranger things have happened.

East all stars stars and awards should be littered with Cats.

The Kicking Security Guard will get in the mix too.

Good to see Leonard on your list. Richard Leonard = Comeback player of the year.

Frankie Williams should definitely be on this list as well.

There should be at least10 Tiger Cats named Eastern all-stars (2DL,2OL, 2 receivers,2 in thesecondary,1 linebacker and 1 kick returner).The numberwill most likelybe higher, but this is, in my opinion, the absolute minimum number.

I can seethe quarterbackbeing Vernon Adams and I suspect that even though Ottawa and Toronto are so bad, they’ll try to include some players from both teams.

I would think the majority should come from Hammy and Montreal. I can see Walker from the Argos but not much else.

You’re right Count Floyd . :slight_smile: Williams at CB as well as special team returner is more than fair . I was also conflicted with Ryker Mathews at left tackle.

With the Two Colours and the Argos being so weak, the Cats and some Als should dominate .

Pat Lynch (older than dirt)

When was the last time a team had zero divisional all-stars? Has it happened?

COTY criteria shifts from year-to-year.

In years where HAM makes a big turnaround, the criteria is most wins. In years when HAM has the most wins … well, let’s face it, that hasn’t really happened much … the criteria may become best turnaround.

But admittedly, Khari has exceeded expectations perhaps more than any coach in recent memory, given the circumstances at the time he was promoted.

I think our whole secondary could be All-Stars. :slight_smile:

The MLB will probably go to Muamba in Montreal. That guy tracks his prey down like a lion on a gazelle.

Howsare could very well be an All-Star next season if he continues his excellent play in 2020.

DBs are almost always selected on the basis of interceptions. Breaux was an exception last year because voters couldn’t ignore the unanimous view that he was the best in the league.

On that basis, it would be fun to see Rolle get a nod, even though he started and ended the season as a back-up.

How about Filer? Or will Ottawa’s Mateas be the pick at C, again?

If their criteria is only interceptions then they are still in the stone age.

I would think that in 2019 with 4K TV resolution the All-Star selection committee would select DBs based on the complete package of what they do for the team. It is now possible to clearly see all the subtle footwork and abilites of individual players.

Players like Brooks, Leonard and Williams should be commended for their abilities to do pass knockdowns, wrapping up tackles and limiting YAC yards.

Can’t see any team being shutout of a selection. At least one from every team. Do they still do first team/second team?

I could see McEwan from TO getting the nod. He is a great centre on a bad team.

Agreed, but DB is such a tough position to assess, because so much of the job depends on negation. Interceptions, knockdowns, and tackles are the positive side of it, but how do you gauge a DB who’s so effective (like Breaux last year) that enemy QBs stop throwing to his side of the field? Anyone trying to assess would have to pore over hours of film to see the plays that didn’t go to his side, and even then, who’s to judge whether the QB deliberately avoided him or missed a read?

Good question. I am not sure

I think Adeleke has been one of the key differences on our defence this year, although not as impactful as the free agents added to the D-line.

However, all-star voters may be distracted by some recent highlight-reel hits by MTL’s Lokombo. According to this article, he has started 6 games at safety! Normally that would work against someone.

Absolute locks: Banks, Addison, J’Davis, Wynn, Simoni.

Likely (not to be confused with Likely III): F.Williams (ST), F.Williams (DB), Leonard, at least two O-linemen (I’ll say Revenberg and Van Zeyl due to name recognition).

Possible: Another O-lineman, Adeleke, Rico, Brooks.

Overlooked: Evans, because everyone loves VAJ.

If I had to guess, I’d say our '03 team with a 1-17 record.

*Edit. Just went to check this & we actually had 4 (!!) that year: Troy Davis, DJ Flick, Tim Cheatwood & Brandon Hamilton. ???