How many Canadian born players are in the NFL?

I am curious. Does anyone know how many Canadian Born players are currently playing in the NFL?

please dont start this thread. it has nothing to do with him being canadian.

I'm not saying its because he's Canadian.
I am asking a simple question out of curiosity on the numbers, thats all.

probably somewhere between 20-45... just a guess.

At training camp, there were 22 Canadians -

These include:

Chicago: Israel Idonije
Dallas: J.P. Ladouceur, Shaun Suisham, Mike Vanderjagt
Green Bay: Josh Bourke, Colin Cole, Jon Ryan
Indy: Jason David
Jacksonville: Rob Meier, Brett Romberg
Miami: Teyo Johnson, Mike Labinjo
New England: Nick Kaczur
New Orleans: Mitch Berger
NY Jets: Steve Morley
Oakland: O.J. Santiago
St. Louis: O.J. Atogwe
San Fran: Jesse Palmer
Seattle: Nate Burleson, J.P. Darche
Washington: Kerry Carter, Jesse Lumsden.

After cuts (such as Lumsden, Palmer & Carter) it seems that we're down to 14 (The ones in bold). And, of these, 2 are on the injured roster and one is on the practice roster. So, it looks like only 11 might actually see time this year.

Of note, this includes 4 kickers.

Unfortunately, there are only two Canadian Starters - O.J. Atogwe & arguably the best Canadian born player, Nate Burleson

Lesson learned - If you want to play in the NFL, change your name to J.P. or O.J. - a name shared by over 40% of Canadian born NFLer's. :wink:

14 Canadians made it past final cuts....

Thanks for the weekend update. :wink:

Read my post above.

Actually, I stand corrected...

It's now 15.

It looks like Dan Federkeil made Indy's practice roster as of yesterday.

I don't think Nate Burleson is Canadian.

He lives and played his high school ball in Wash.

I remember his dad from the CFL, but would be VERY suprised if he was a Canadian citizen

You are correct.

However, the question was how many Canadian BORN players are in the NFL.

Nate was born in Calgary while his father was playing for the Stamps.

I wish when people asked "how many Canadians there are" we would look at it as how many players were developed in Canada.

There is a big difference ... take Nate Burleson, he is a good receiver but is only recognized as a Canadian because when he was born, his dad Alvin Burleson was playing for Calgary. He was raised in the US and developed all his football skills in the United States. He didnt begin organized football until he was 9, long after he had moved to the US. Yahoo sports, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports NFL player profiles actually list him as born in Seattle, Washington where he grew up after his family left Calgary.

Colin Cole is another guy who was just born in Canada(Toronto). He was raised in Florida and developed all his football skills there ... not in Canada.

Although most of the names on that list played at US colleges or Universities, most developed their football skills in Canada.

A guy like Vanderjagt played high school in Oakville before going to school at West Virginia (dont forget his years as an Argo) or Nick Kaczur who played HS in Brantford and then went to Toledo. Palmer grew up in Ottawa and then played at Florida. Rhomberg grew up in Windsor and played college at Miami. Meier grew up in BC and played college at Washington State.

Guys like this should be the ones we consider Canadians or guys like Darche, Ryan, Ladaceur or Lumsden who played minor football, HS and University in Canada.

I have always hated when a guy is considered Canadian because he was born here and then moved ... kind of like how Brett Hull is American just because he was born in Chicago while Bobby Hull was playing there, he grew up in Canada and then plays for team USA in the international competitions.

Also, not to knock this list but some of these guys are presently not on NFL rosters ... they have been released, so its not fair to say that they are playing in the NFL. (Teyo Johnson, Jesse Palmer, Kerry Carter, Jesse Lumsden, Josh Bourke, Mitch Berger, Steve Morely, Mike Labinjo, OJ Santiago)

I do like the note about naming your kid OJ or JP ... I am going to city hall tomorrow to rename both my sons !!!!

Were all of these guys drafted? Have there anytime been guys who made it that went undrafted?

You could add WR Jerome Pathon to this list. He had several good years with the Colts and then left them as a free agent to sign with Seattle but has been released two years in a row. He actually played one year in the CIS before heading south on a scholarship. Doesn't seem to have much interest in coming to the CFL.

Teyo Johnson is the only one not drafted besides the few who were just born in Canada. Maybe Teyo didn't live the required 5 years in Canada as his younger brother Riall Johnson with the Argos did. Only the CFL people who track these cases would know for sure.

Oh, you silly, silly Argo fan…

Jerome Pathon was born in Capetown, South Africa. That’s the reason he wasn’t included on my list.


Is it possible to move this thread to some other forum? It is filled with facts, legitimate arguments and discussion points. It doesn't seem to belong here.

Bring back the unsubstantiated diatribe, slander and abuse!

Keep this thread going. The info is very much appreciated. Seems to me though if your Canadian and have dreams of playing in the NFL you need to be a place kicker, or you need get your college football experience in the US where the calibre is so much high than the CIS version.