How many Blue Bomber games will you go to this year?

Just curious as to how many Blue Bombers games you guys and girls will be going to at Canad Inns Stadium this year.

I'll go to 1 or 2, since I'm not exactly a "hardcore" fan but still enjoy the atmosphere and when the Bombers win.

I'll go to more at a brand-new stadium though, for sure.

And the Bombers "look good on paper" this year, but hey, you can say that about most of their past 17 seasons. 0 Grey Cups. So I'm not getting too too excited about this upcoming season just yet.

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team!

10-11 games. 11 if the blue have a home playoff game that is.

17 years, 3 Grey cup games since the 1992 Season last grey cup victory was 1990.

I do hope if an NHL team were to come to Winnipeg you would go to a higher % of games if they didn't win a playoff series for 6 years straight, because if that is the mentality of alot of Winnipeggers then that is really sad.

The Jets never won a stanley cup in 26 seasons was it? Heck the Jets never won more then 1 playoff series since Joining the NHL.
in 26 years, this includes all the years before the NHL expanded to 30, the NHL was only at what? 21 teams until San Jose Joined in the 1991-1992 season(that is 12 years at 21 teams and the other 5 out of 17 were expansion getting up to 26 teams)

Now I'm all for an NHL team in Winnipeg especially if it works with the Bombers, but if Fans will turn their back on the blue so fast with two huge team/league records about to be Broken.(Stegalls TD's and Roberts team yardage leader)
who is going to attend NHL games in Winnipeg when the team is below .500?

When they miss the playoffs 3-5 years straight?
You got to go out and support the team especially if you want them to be better, People go: "why didn't they sign X"
well how could they when they don't get fan support to sign a markee player?

29K+ fans each game for the blue and the blue will be able to spend more, now the Cap is in place so they can't go much past 4.05M without a huge revenue boost(up to 4.35M without non-$$ penalties)

But the blue would easily be able to afford more TC coaches, a longer TC(rookie TC), Upgrades to player training facilities.
All the extra's that the blue can put in place with.



You got a point barnes 7, support what you do have (da Bombers), could lead to more pro teams in the Peg...
As for how many games I will attend...I hope to catch two home games, for me to see a game, it takes 800 K of driving...Go Bombers..

now, Hank you have the only valid excuse a fan can have.
More then 2 Hours away from Winnipeg, it gets understandable not being to 10 games.

That and being young(say under 14) and your parents won't take you no matter how much noise you make.(something to change once ya get a job)

over 18 and Broke is a good one, But depending on the situation the ability to save up 130$ over a full year should be possible.
Take 10-15$ from each paycheck and there is your football fund.
Over 18, ya should have a job, your working for min wage(and no tips/commission) ya best be living with your parents.

no exuses(aside from the massive distance issue)
Work can be an issue, but unless you only work 2-10 Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon without the ability to switch/book off a day you should be able to games, either the weekend ones or the number of friday games.

I usually get a pick ten to split, so 5 games. But man, that home opener on the 5th should be a doozy!

Go Blue Go!

I live in Ottawa but am seriously considering flying out to a game this year, but haven't decided which one. I'll definitely see them when there in T.O, and maybe even Montreal, but would love to go see one in the Peg.

Which games are usually the most fun to go see? I assume its against the Green Riders, but I just wanna see what you fellas have to say.

Banjo Bowl is one of the better games(Rider game, labour day re-match)
But have fun getting tickets, that game sells out pretty fast, last year there was 30K+ at the game(I think 33K people)

I used to go to every game when I lived in the Peg but now I live 1000 miles away so I only get the chance when I'am in the neighborhood once in awhile. I have gone to see them in Ottawa but I obviously can't anymore! Thinking back,I was one of the drunks shooting the breeze with John Bonk in the 84 Grey cup parade! The first year I moved out East I watched the Bombers win the Grey Cup in Ottawa in 88! One of my most memorable times! :thup:

I hope to catch at least 4 or 5 home games. I cant catch evening games on weekends cause I am working that the bar afterwards.
So the sceduel will control the amount of games I see.

Barnes you cant compare the Bombers playoff and regular season success to the Jets.
In the CFL Winnipeg has always been one of the richer cities that have always been able to afford some of the best players, but in the NHL, Winnipeg was always concidered to be a poorer small market city with a more affordable roster.

Jets got screwed over when they joined the NHL saddly.

Although how Edmonton could recover so easily and the Jets couldn't.. odd.
Arena had factors in it for sure, like how the Bombers have issues now due to canad Inns. and Winnipeggers being CHEAP!

Winnipegger: "I can't afford 25$ Bomber tickets... But a 65$ Concert ticket no problem!"

Yea Winnipeg is the dollar store capital of the world.

Edmonton is a different story. They have oil money there and corporations dont mind spending it. Winnipeg is so cheap, we proffit $250 million a year off the casinos, Another $250 a year off of Hydro, and over $100 a year off of speed traps. All this money goes to the government and what do we see of it? No NHL team. Heck that is enough money to buy a new team every year.
St James could play Charleswood in the NHL playoffs with that kind of money.

don't forget slurpee capital of the world aswell lol

Winnipeg will always draw well for football, just think of what else there is to do besides give mayor Sam some over-priced concession money. I agree with the money factor with the NHL, but then we never "bounced" back like Edmonton because they weren't raped to expand and we never had Peter Pocklington throw his cash into our drawer. We had to do it as a business, not a prestige and ego event.
They didn't bounce back, they were a prize on a mantle.

Why does Sam Katz always come up, he has nothing to do with this,lol although it is funny when people bring him up.

i go to all of the home games because i have season tickets but when there is an away game i cheer as loud as i do in the stadium and frequently my family asks me why im cheering so loud and i say because the bombers got a first down…(my family thinks im crazy)

umm i seem to recall the womens world championship, all of the canada games were sold out and set records for attendence...

I find it very hard not to cheer loud at home. Seems to help the Bombers, same goes for my dog watching also....when she doesn't watch, we don't play as

i know it seems when i cheer loud they do well but when im not cheering the do really crappy, how ironic...

I'll go to every game at CanadInns, the Labour Day Classic, and they Grey Cup if they make it that far! So far looks pretty good.