How many "Austin 3:16" signs/shirts at the first game?

Someone must have a few boxes of those shirts collecting dust...

I used to have one, I don't know where it went. However methinks they are going to be printed fairly quickly.

Just hope they're not 2-16 tishirts.

If the Ticat marketing department is smart (and they usually are) they'll make some of their own Austin 3:16 shirts with Ticat colours and logos. I bet they'd sell a bunch. Heck, they sold a number of Timmy Chang jerseys back in the day.

Really? Can't ever remember seeing coach t-shirts anywhere.

Pretty sure the WWE has the right to that, and would most likely sue their a$$ of! Just my opinion!

The WWE may have the rights to "Austin 3:16" but the Ticats could use "Kent 3:16" - not the same reference/ring as Austin 3:16

Maybe we could have Austin 16:2 shirts after the season. :lol:

Without a quality and experienced defensive coordinator in 2013, we may as well print off "Austin 3-15" t-shirts to commemorate our losing season!

Great positive attitude! :expressionless:

8) I still have mine "Hammer" !!! It's almost like brand new still !!! :lol:

Just being a realist Neuman...

We had the highest scoring offence last year, and have replaced Cortez with offensive minded coaches Austin and Condell. The issue was our defence, not offence. Although i like both Austin and Condell, until we remedy the worst CFL defence by a country mile from last year, have to be cautious about being too optimistic about next year without knowing who our DC is going to be.

I guess I just know how to be confident even when things don't go we'll with my teams ( Orioles, Blackhawks, Browns).