how many at the gathering tom.

I think there will be no more than 1000,00 people maybe 500,00 more if it is not raining,1,500.00 at the most,

We should get at least 8,000.00 if we were any kind of sports town.

Well make sure your there so you don't end up being part of the "no-sports" crowd.

My question is this - will YOU be there? Because if you're planning on going, fine. But, if not, why on earth should you complain about "this town's" commitment to the team when you, yourself, don't show any? I hope you are going...because then (and only then) will you have reason to gripe if there's a poor showing.

Not only will he have reason to gripe, he'll have a right to gripe. If dupsdell doesn't show up, he's nothing but a know-nothing hypocrite who posts here simply to raise some sh!t.

1000,00 people would be pretty damn good... but I assume you meant 1000 not 100,000 and I assume you have no clue how to use decimals and commas with numbers in english writing.

Do you really need decimal places when talking about crowd size anyway? I would be kinda freaked out if there were 1000.15 people there.

Anyway... just another reason to tune dupsdell out I guess.

Dupsdell is a troll , second post on this topic already.

I think it pi$$ed him off to see the Lions get 50,000 for the WDF , while he's watching the Seahawks keep on losing.

CTV said 2500 showed up...

and if they had the parade on sunday instead of at noon today we would have seen 50000 rabid fans and you could have stayed at home with your seahawks dreaming of one day becoming a shithawk to

That's what i am saying , this league has to make too many excucess to admitt that the cfl is bush league.Afraid to tell the truth, the ony reason the bc lions were as good as they were is because the other teams sucked.there was no compition. were if they were in the NFL and they had won there division and the super bowl, they would have become world wide heroes, not just vancouver heroes.

Yup, and just check out his spelling and grammar, boy he has lots of credibility too! :roll: :roll: :roll:

You are right pennw, he should be classified as a troll!