How many Argos games will you go see this Year?

I will try for 2 games. I am going to one for sure in August. My buddy from Maryland is coming up specifically to see CFL football. He never cares what team he watches he just loves CFL football.

Off topic at bit: He is constantly amazed at Canadians who bash the game. He does not understand it.

Current Schedule at Home Team Stadium:
Montreal 1
Toronto (BMO) 1
Hamilton (THF) 1
Saskatchewan 1
Calgary 1

I have the 3-pack.
Hopefully I can catch them in Ottawa and Labour-day in Hamilton.

I'll fit in more games if I can - busy summer plans;

10, plus the playoffs if we qualify. We have Seasons Tickets.

I may try to get to one. I definitely want to check out BMO, but I might do that with Rugby Canada vs Italy. If I don’t go to that I’ll try to fin in an Argos games.

As a STH, planning on making all of them,!

I'll be at 14 plus the playoff games - - potentially more if I fly out to any of the western games.

Will be interesting to see how many games the tire-pumpers spouting on about "20,000+ season tickets sold" will be attending.

I bought the Home Opener package so 3 games, the 2 Ticat games and the Ottawa game.

I have season tickets so I hope I'll be able to attend all the games. Go Argos :rockin:

ill only be at the last three of the season, and any playoff + Grey Cup.
i bought season tickets but have elected to go out west to work in the Rockies. ill just let some of my relatives or friends become acquainted with Argonaut football.