How many American CFL fans are out there?

Lets give this a try. If we get large numbers, it will be sent to 'Versus'. :rockin:

There are maybe a thousand in Baltimore and a handful spread throughout the rest of country.

I think a lot of americans tune in every once in a while to see the highly touted NFL draft picks that flopped.

31 people have in it not very much

For the Grey Cup in Montreal a representative from Baltimore estimate at 20,000 CFL fans in the city. In the beginning of the year, the U.S. CFL fans had difficulties to watch the CFL games. They were this summer 48 or 49 pages on the «us cfl tv coverage (merged) :: CFL.cac» but I can’t find this topic address any more.

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They are curious about our CFL, but they rarely have a chance to watch a game.

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I remember a topic here last year on the CFL site call «Good U.S. articles on the CFL» and again I can’t find this topic any more on, they were a lot of pages too.

As far as I know, a petition in the internet as not much of an impact. E-mails and letters are better. Try to promote CFL every where you can.

Right here.
Ideas for more american fans.

  1. Add one American exspansion team.
  2. E.S.P.N T.V contract.
  3. Change name of league to something like, North American football league or International Football league.

I agree that there should be a team in one of the border states, like a Windsor/Detroit team under a regional name. If people from Windsor can support the Red Wings then I don't see why they wouldn't follow a CFL team in the same vicinity. The CFL is currently interested in the game growing within the country so it will be a good while before there's another U.S. team.

The exclusive broadcaster of the CFL, tsn, is 20% owned by ESPN so that couldn't pose much of a problem.

During the 1990s expansion, it was suggested by someone in the media or person(s) with influence that the league be renamed the CFL (Continental Football League.) Canadians didn't like that. A name change won't happen.

I've been a CFL fan since the 1970's when I lived in Maine. I think games should be broadcast on TV here in the states, especially in states along the border and places where the CFL tried their American expansion a few years ago.

I too have been a CFL fan from the early 1970's, when I attended college in Buffalo, New York. Even though I'm an NFL fan, I have always enjoyed the CFL, because it is really a different game from what is played in the NFL. It's fast-paced, exciting, and alot of fun to watch. Both games can compliment each other, and their differences can be debated in a forum like this. They shouldn't be compared to each other because the significant differences make comparison somewhat unfair.
I'm hoping Versus listens to us and does negotiate for the US rights to broadcast CFL games in the US. I'd be happy with one live game per week (I'd like more than one, but I don't want to be greedy right away!), just as long as they use CFL announcers, and not try to bring in someone from the US who doesn't know the league. Let's hope this comes to pass, the CFL on Versus, great for the CFL and Canada, and fun for Americans too.

I am an American fan of CFL. Since I was a Calgary Flames fan, I adopted the Stamps, and loved watching Flutie and the Stampeders on ESPN.

In order to access more fans the CFL really needs to be back on ESPN. It is a total sham that these american networks show womens basketball, arena "football", and card games over Canadian Football League. I lived in south Florida when we were near landing the "Miami Manatees", before the US expansion collapsed. I think the CFL should look into expanding into a football starved area near the border, that has a big enough population to support a CFL team, but not to land an NFL team, (Portland, Oregon?).

NCAA, NFL and CFL are all unique, although the NFL and NCAA are very similar. The CFL is a unique sport, and you cannot compare the NFL and CFL directly, as they are different sports.

I'm an American CFL fan, who went to the Grey Cup in Montreal this year. Absolutely love the game, but it sucks there is no TV deal in place. Hopefully Commissioner Cohon makes it a point to put the CFL back on the air in the US this year. This just was an awful year for me, I got stuck with the piss poor feed they were sending us in the US. I really couldn't get into the CFL this year because of it. I don't know if the "Our Game" mentality, is a direct shot at the US. Well we shall see next season if I can watch the games.

Peter, no direct shot at all to the Americans, none whatsoever I think. The shot is at our Canadians here who simply say the CFL should go away and bring in an NFL team to Toronto because the CFL doesn't matter. Of course, these people don't watch the games and know and understand the league and the game. But those are the people, Canadians, who I think Cohon is targeting saying hey it's our league, Canada's league, why not give it a true shot and support something in your own country, along with the NFL or whatever if you like the NFL as well which is fine. First things first, then go after more of the American potential fanbase.

A lot of Canadians just say this and that about the country here this sucks, that sucks but don't put any effort into building our country and what we have, they just complain and complain and take, take, take and give little back.

I f the Yanks can gamble on it they will watch it and follow it but they won't gamble on it if they can't watch it! Stop screwing around and get the CFL on ESPN, TSN can still handle most games but the big games should be on CTV for any chance of credibility. Screw those CBC bastards who drove the product into the ground. They're just a bunch of Toronto/Calgary American wanna-be's.

PORTLAND would be good but the import ratio wouldnt fly....I think they would be the biggest thing to us expansion is the usa team just using ncaa trained players......You would force teams in canada to have 20 americans/20 canadians and the american team getting who they want......It would be a mis-match

I know we have more then 46 total CFL fans in the U.S. C'mon lets get this petition forwarded to as many as you can. Every name counts. :thup:

Put a team in Windsor and call them the Detroit Jackals, or something similar.

If changing the name of the league is the only way to increase exposure South of the border, then we Americans should get no CFL. Changing the name is neither a necessary nor respectful thing to do.

The CFL should have approached the NFL network about televising some games as part of their negotiations with the NFL regarding option year players. What did they have to lose? Its not like the NFL Network is a huge ratings success or anything. After an initial test period, at least a couple of US based franchises would have to be brought on board to truly grow the fanbase in the US which, if done right, might lead to some serious broadcast deals (and revenues) coming the CFL's way.

How do you know they didn't? Maybe they ended up with the contract they have now with Trajectory Sports (or whatever it's called) because that's all they could get.

I don't know if they did or didn't but I just can't see the NFL Network turning them down if they were to in fact ask, seeing the huge ratings disappointment the NFL Network has been during the NFL season never mind the offseason. That deal they have with whomever currently carries the game in the US is a joke.

I also tend to believe they didn't ask based on the total lack of any effort in staging even pre-season contests south of the border or overseas or expanding their broadcast exposure outside of Canada.

I doubt the NFL network could sell it to their sponsors and they would do college and high school games before even considering the cfl. If you could get the Grey Cup game on the nfl network, would be a miracle. They networks name, makes it fairly clear what their only intenions are.

Who said anything about showing the Grey Cup being shown on there ? I don’t see why the NFL Network wouldn’t be able to at least show CFL highlights. It’s not like they gotta have a whole show dedicated to the CFL like they do for college and even high school football. I’m sure there are alot of “American Football” fans who wouldn’t mind seeing what their old high school/college heroes have been up to up north.