how many als fan are making the trip for the eastern final ?

ill be one of them anyone else??

Autostade, some of us from the goalsgo website ( are trying to organize something with Les Sportif en Voyage for this sunday....

We will have an aswer by the end of today (tuesday) might want to give them a call and tell them you are interested.... :slight_smile:


Looks like the trip is happening Thanks to the multiple effort of M.October from the Go Al'S Go website :slight_smile:


Bus Trip MTL/T.O./MTL

Leave at 5am from Place Versailles Parking in Mtl....

Arrive in T.O around 12:00pm, (some members from, are doing a tailgate near Skydome)

Tickets on 20 yards line behinds Al's bench (that's what they told me, must be in 2nd level of Skydome..)

Then after game, back to Mtl, stop eating, arrving near Place Versailels around 12:00am/1am.

A couple of us ( website already reserved our spot)

what about driving down sharing the gas and getting 500 level tickets at 25 cad?????

any als fan going to be in the 500 level???