How low can total team salaries be?

We know that there is a salary cap, but how low are you allowed to go to fill up a roster?

paying everyone minimum salary would put you at 1.5 Million

Being too low would probably make you miss the playoffs!

Or worse yet.....maybe not win a game!

Hear that Winnipeg!!!!

No No Beer Baron,


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League min is 37-41K

so 37*46 = 1.7M+

Going with the league min means that you have a team full of Rookies and not one Star, it's unlikely there would be many if any wins with that but it's a teams call.

IMO, a salary "floor", like the NHL has, would be a good idea. Lets say you have to spend a minimum of 2.5 million dollars and not above 4.05 million. Although that might not be part of the SMS system, I would think that most teams are either near the cap or slightly above it.

Sounds a lot like Hamilton. :lol: