First of all, Taffe does not call the plays. Another example of how Taffe gets blamed for everything. For any of his faults, that's not on him.

But I do agree. Not using him is rediculous. They haven't even used Caulley. Last I looked late in the fourth they had 4 carries a piece. Mind you, they do have about 100 yds rushing. But this is the strength of the team. They gave up on it or rather got scared out of using their strength due to BC's defensive line. What a way to roll over. Had Lumsden had 15 touches as well as Caulley you're looking at over 300 yds rushing and a much different ball game. It may have opened up the pass game a bit more too and took the pressure of BC's pass rush off some. In my opinion, that's why they lost this game.

I agree but dont trade him but com on he produces more than caully so use the friggen guy, also we probebly would have if we would have fired our stupid coach but that subject is like beating a dead horse maybe it's time to fire Obie??

I wouldn't say he produces more than Caulley. They are both dynamite. Caulley actually averages more than Lumsden - I didn't think any starter could average more than Jesse but Caulley is fantastic. I think we should use both of them and just run it down the throats of the defense.

First let me say I think Lumsden is great; I call him TANK because he runs over everything. However, with Caulley doing as well do we need to keep such a high priced player on the team? His salary could go to better O-line or secondary. Same for Printers, keep the high salary or go with Williams and use the money other places?

Just shooting ideas for next year, when we are rebuilding....AGAIN.

Its Corey holmes all over again.

Could be, he may be average next year. But Corey Holmes was used the same as Lumsden, some games lots of touches and big stats, and then the next 3 touches. Hard to be a star when you don't touch the ball.

The way the coaching staff uses Lumsden is a complete joke. 1 pass 17 yards...3 rushes 20 yeards...and that is it...OC needs to be fired followed quickly by Charlie Taffe. If I was Lumsden and read the crap on this board about Caulley deserving the touches and the same treatment as him, and I do think he is valuable, I would take off next year for bigger money and loads of touches. Trading him is a ridiculous suggestion but him leaving on his own seems far more feasable...terrible play by the Ticat org...awful

They did not do a running play with Jesse until 9 minutes into the second quarter. That is ridiculous.

How many times have you heard Taffe saw we need to run the ball more or we need to stick with the run even when we are behind??

Jesse had only 4 carries all games???

Give me a break.

He's hurt.

He limped off of the field on several occasions tonight. When he's ready, he'll be in the game more than Caulley.

Then why didn't they run Caulley? Stop finding excuses for these stupid coaches. Lumsden appeared to get a little injured in the third quarter, nothing serious. If he's in the game run him. Or at least run Caulley. The fact that neither were used properly just verified how stupid these coaches really are.

We had to play catch up football in the second half. You don't do that with the run. It takes too much time off of the clock.

The option is to pass. Which we did. That my friend takes your running backs out of the game.

Football is a simple game.

It does when the single back in the backfield cannot provide adequate pass protection for a sieve of a line, Hendy, too.

My point is that getting Lumsden and Caulley involved in the passing game through screens, outlets, motioning into the slot, etc. etc. would work better with a blocking back to protect the QB. We don't have the receiving corps to run this 5-pack spread given the state of the O-line in the passing game! HOW OBVIOUS CAN THIS BE?

Oski Wee Wee,

You sound like you're blaming the receivers Russ. They did a much better job today than they did Monday.

Casey, Richie and Quinton all had to spend extra time in the ice bath after this one.

The thread is about Jesse. He was hurt. If you're going to throw these outlets and screens in the second half of a catch-up, blowout football game...he is not the guy that is going to see the Tigers share of the work.

Motion him and Caulley out into the slot as well.

It's a symbiotic relationship, Hendy. We scored 13 points today. We were woeflly outgained. The receiving corps can't get freer because the line can't pass block by talent and scheme. That being stated, there isn't a sustained effort by Bellefeuille et al to be audacious and change things to give the QBs a fighting chance.

If Jesse is healthy enough to play, he's got to be part of the winning formula.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think we can all agree that the blame
for the bad proformances lie on the OC.
or taaffe. The backs if they were used
properly could have made the difference.

Amazing…the front page of this website has a blurb about “No stopping the Ticats Rushing Attack”. Uh…yeah…right. It’s easy to stop…just let the Ticat coaches stop it by not using it!!!

How could this team have become so bad for so long? I realize that the previous owners didn’t spend any money on the team signing or resigning players…but FRIG!!! that was five years ago!!

How many offenses does Bellefeuille have to ruin before teams quit hiring him as an OC???

Rider O sucked when he was there, Montreal's offense was strong before he got there and has suddenly become strong again since he left. And Hamilton's offense is severely underachieving given the individual talent. He is just NOT a good coordinator.

Quite frankly, If Jesse knows what's good for him he will get the hell out of Hamilton. he is an exciting player to watch and I've enjoyed watching him from McMaster to the Ticats. I would miss being able to watch him with the Cats but it's more frustrating knowing my team has him and won't use him. he wouldbe crazy to stay with this team. And when he goes, I guarantee alot of fans will go with him. I know I will.

Nuff said. See ya Jesse!