How long?

Can the ticats continue to keep Maas at starting QB when he can't throw the deep ball, we need long plays than the screen passes because they are not gonna gain many yards and put points on the long is Kavis reed gonna continue to be defensive coordinator when NOTHING has changed since last year, I know its only 2 games but come on, things must be done, and done quickly before its too late...thats my two cents

Play calling is important too, remember that Paopao is calling these Hitch screens.

yea i know that he is calling the plays, but even when maas does throw deep, they are always underthrown and way to much air under the ball like hes lobbing it, and sometimes he just tries way to hard to put it on a rope to the reciever and ends up over throwing him by ten yards, from what I have seen the 1 preseason game and these 2 regular season games, he just cant go deep :?

Paopao has to start calling for Maas to mix in a few deep passes early in the game

so Maas can get a feel for how his long ball is going early and make adjustments.

Even if they are not completed, the threat of the long pass
keeps our opponent's DBs back on their heels a little longer

so that we can get a jump on them
with our short passes and running plays.