How Long ??

So now since we know Leo is the starter for Argo how long will he stay at the starting position before the coach puts Bell in as the starter? Does it take 1 or 2 bad games or 6 to 8 bad games before he pulls Leo and puts Bell in the spot? Not saying Leo will have a bad game but just playing the what if game.

If Cleo Lemon keeps running like he did in the exibition games and doesn't slide feet first before he is tackled, Dalton Bell will be getting his chance.
QB's in the CFL are allowed to slide feet first to avoid a tackle after they take off and run for yardage. Lemon will have to run smart. He took a pretty good hit in his first game trying to get that extra yard or two.
But if Lemon doesn't produce Barker will have no choice but to go to his bench. Especially if Cleo can't put some points on the board by late in the third quarter or so.

Hopefully while we'd still be in playoff contention.

If Cleo doesn't immediately come out and produce (Probably within the first 2 games), I'd look for Barker to rotate Lemon and Bell for a change of pace. After that, it could be Bell's to lose.

Yea. I agree. I want Cleo to do well but I think Cleo will have a short leash. I think Barker will definately let him play the entire first 2 or 3 games. But if the Argos go 0-3, I can't see him keeping Cleo in there. Bell looked pretty good in the pre-season.

The Argos are absolutely the biggest surprise of the season and are proving alot of people wrong, great job!!

:lol: Hope we can say that next summer.