2009: 9-9
2010: 9-9
2011: 8-10


likely one more week if tonite is any indication

like him but he has to go

Do we hire Greg Marshall?
I’d welcome him back has D-coach or Head coach…thoughts?


I seriously hope you're kidding,

our defense was balogna with him, he really proved his worth in Saskatchewan this year!

That would be a step back from MB, but steps back is what the Ticats Do Best!

...just an opinion but I'm not kidding. You can't honestly rate him as a HC in SSK, he wasn't really given any chance & the've faired no better once he & Berry were gone. They have bigger issues in the locker room than blaming the coaches.

When you say our D was balogna .... are you sure? While I would agree with the mediocre secondary issues our D line & LB's were all that bad comparitivly. IMO

Finally Some people are Getting it :thup:

Hell....if it were up to me....I would have fired him after tonight's game

Obie has to go TOO!!

I just remember our secondary getting torched, over and over and over and over again with his bend and break D, its hard to tell if we improved or regressed as chamblin as our D coordinator :?

YES..............IT's time to pull the plug on Bellefeuille. Also we need help on the O-line.

Hage and Dyakowski would help

I been staying this since middle of This Season but I was Crying wolf

The Ticats of today TOOTHLESS

After this 8-10 regular season, it seems the consensus here is that Bellefeuille might as well start cleaning out his office after returning to Hamilton after an EDSF loss. But what would it take for him to be here for at least another year? An EDSF win? An EDF win?

So the way Bellefeuille sees it, the playoffs are like a new season. And after this game, he told the players to "flush it" as you can see here:

[url=] ... argos.html[/url]

Yes, he "flush it" is what he said after that game. Insert your own joke here.

If think where winning it FLUSH IT

So can we conclude that the juggling coach was a waste ? You can't make this shiat up...

…yeah, and tear down the stadium as well…wait a minute :wink:

Yeah, that was Chamblin's idea to help the Defensive Backs react to the ball quicker. Seeing that they were dead last in interceptions proves that it might indeed have been a waste.

Stala caught a tipped ball. Heck of a catch.

Juggle on!