How long will Mike Kelly remain as Winnipeg Head Coach?

Just two more losses and I think he is out!

"its a non issue, it's been handled internally, i got nothing to say"

Week 6, when there 1-5 he will be fired, however if next week they start richie I give him a bit longer.

Agree, 2 more loses but hopefully Richie can get the win next week.

He won't be fired because Doug Berry is already being payed to sit on his coach at home. Looks like Bomber fans have nothing to fall back on. Bunch of idiotic releases of players: "It's still good, he knows what he's doing." Bunch of idiotic trades: "It's okay, he still knows what he's doing, last years team sucked so we'll make it better by getting rid of our best players first for practically nothing or literally nothing." Bunch of idotic comments: "He had the right to freak out on reporters like that, I mean the Bombers only tried to cheat key info. out of the the Cats, but I mean that's fair isn't it? And what a good comeback with it's a non-issue, it's been handled internally, I don't wanna talk about it. Words of a poet right there :')"
Doesn't shake Beullfille's hand after Hamilton wins: "It's okay, as long as he put's wins on the board it doesn't matter how much of a tool he is." Posts an early season record of 1-3: "Well, we never really believed in him 100% and knew this would be a rebuilding season for us even though we were the most annoying, cocky fans prior to the season riding Ticat fans saying that we were gunna own the east early this year and the Ticats would start winless because they took our good players for free and due to the past 5 season's, regardless of changes will be and always will be the same old Ticats hahahaha! Bombers FTW! Grey cup champs '09, ILY MIKE KELLY! <3" FAIL

He's just called fans schizo right on the teams radio post game show. Bob Irving gave him an opportunity to recant and soften his comments and he confirmed....The guy is fried.... no electrolosys therapy required....

That is true, and is why Kelly will not go anywhere anytime soon.

I heard some things he said on CJOB. He said something like "Stevie Wonder could've seen problems on offence" (really) and said something about the team staying the course. Unreal.

NO WAY… is there gonna be a link to this… omg that’s PRICELESS!!!

Kelly sure is making glenn, goodspeed, and Gauthier happy to Tiger -Cats.There should not be any problems with anyone traded to the cats from the peg this year.Too bad Canada not still there.It might be a while before the BLUE bummer fans are on this site trashing ticats and there fans.

It's funny how they're nowhere to be found when they're losing, but come a win, they're on us quicker then flies on dog crap. So pathetic sometimes lol. Well okay, all the time.

They better get rid of him quick otherwise he's going to alienate their fans with such stupid comments.

too late

Ticat Nation aren't a collection of saints, but we do a resilience factor. :wink:

Private ownership can change such optics. TIme will tell.


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OMG, those Bomber fans trolling around here stating they are gonna mop the field with us.. that we're gonna go 0-18 while they go 18=0 and school the Als, the same ones that have this MAJOR Lefors/Kelly man crush, GOT to be around somewhere don't they...they need to apologize and eat this big slice of crow pie!!!!


Whistling by the graveyard shift? :wink: LOL

There IS a limit. We shall see if it is reachable this year. Even Charlie Taaffe and Greg Marshall's flaming demises were handled classier by those men than this joker, frankly. You do not crap on the fans.

And to those Bomber fans, I have only one thing to say: May LeFors be with you. :slight_smile:

Bada Bing!

No Obie Won O'Billovich was hurt making that statement. LMAO