how long will Marshall last?

How many games can be lost before Marshall will lose his coaching position?If I was 6 and 31 I would be looking over my shoulder ( on any other team)

He'll be just fine my friend, just fine. You watch, while the east will be tough, we will be there for a playoff spot. Greg Marshall is a well respected coach and has an excellent suppporting cast of coaches with him.
Every coach in any league, pro or not, is always looking over the shoulder one way or another, even if you have winning records coaches get the boot for one reason or another so it's just part of the territory and they know it. I haven't heard anything that would suggest that coach Marshall is in trouble, have you?

...therein lies the rub. He'd have to lose straight up til Labour Day before the caretaker would actually be moved to take care of this problem.

I liked the whole feel-good/Mac coach/coach of the year thing as much as the next person, but I never recovered from watching him scream his way into 200 yards of penalties in the 2004 East semifinal. Pathetic.

i dont know but i hate how he flips out, i cannot stand it.. look how pinball takes his approach calm first.. yell second.. he needs to chill, i hate how i see him yelling at the refs.. do you think he going to change his mind if you yell his head off no.. he needs to chill let the refs choose his side.. its bs tht he tweaks and im not in favour of him anymore.

The melt downs are a result of passion for the moment .

Thats his way of dealing with it .

Havn't you people had any meltdowns....?I have ,often in CFL playoff games with the Argos.....

Ask the wife,she then tells me to buy seasons tickets and get out of the house on home game days!!!


Its a little early to make predictions on when Marshall will be booted out of town No? Cmon its 1 loss and a game where we had way to many penalties. Yes he is a hot head but the players play for him. Did you ever see how old Ronnie used to act on the sidelines? These guys will come around, look for a big win this Saturday against the mighty Als.

The players will be the one's that decide that. If they don't start showing more discipline and concern for the team, it may be sooner than some people predict.

If we don't have Win by Wk 5 He'll Be Canned..

He is the CFL's Bill Cowher!!!

Good one!

  • Hey Cowher, won a Super Bowl last season....

We will finish 10-8 this year so he will keep his job, but anything less than a playoff apearance this year and he will be gone.

Where does this 6-31 figure come from?

I have him as 14-22-1. That's pretty good considering he took over a 1-17 team. (Sorry, I just HAD to remind you!)

To even suggest that someone would lose their job because they "yell" too much or seem to lose their cool is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. Every coach is different and every coach evoles their own personality over time. They all have to do it their way and this doesn't mean they aren't a good coach. In the long run, as we all know, it's about wins and losses in most cases anyways, and we'll see. Even in an 8 team league, or 9 team league, things can take a bit of time. Chill out people and let's see the season unfold here.

A lot of great NFL and CFL coaches freaked from time to time. Its the not winning that could give him a bad time. We all knew that this was going to be Coach Ms year to prove himself.

Marshall may step down voluntarily when "he's not having fun with it anymore," but he'll never be least not by Bob Young, who knows a winner when he sees one.

He is a great coach who shows intensity (and I can't believe some Ticat fans are actually criticizing him for that). The team and its players make boneheaded moves sometimes (ex. interceptions, penalties), but Hamilton is now in its third year of a five year rebuild, and if fans keep coming out and paying $ for tickets, the team will always be competitive from here on in. And if we're in games, we'll win our share.

Get those fingers away from the panic button! It's a long season!

I highly doubt that, since Marshall has yet to put a winning team on the field, and Bob has given him the resorses to get the guys in who he believed would contend. Eventually, Bob will grow impatient with hearing the same noise every year about how he didn't have the right players, he has the right players now, now it's time to start winning.

Definately the CFL's Bill Cowher, exactly what I was thinking.

I was so happy when Marshall came on as head coach as I followed his success at Mac.

My problem with him is that I don't think he has control of the team. You can only scream so loud before you are tuned right out as I am finding since I got married!

I don't really like Pinball as a coach but he has total control over his team (ie. his handling of the "he hit me in the nuts" case). When Pinball snapped at Brown you could tell that the big guy was terrified of little Pinball.

I don't see Greg having the same control and don't think he ever will. His teams at Mac were the same way, always took dumb penalities.

I would suggest a radical cut for the next guy who took a stupid penalty. The team has too much invested in him to cut him loose during the season.

I still think they will be fine though. If they are 3-3 after 6 games, look out as they will only get better!

I would keep greg marshall Around for along time! atleat as long aswe did Ron Lancaster :slight_smile:

GM is a keeper for sure. He is the type that will come back and bite you in the nuts if you let him go, he wants to win so bad, probably a bit too bad at this point but this is a way better learning curve problem than the other type of coach that is "well, it would be nice there fellas if we won but we'll be better next game, and if we don't, well, no problem, easy come easy go."

As an outsider, I have to say I enjoy Marshall for the entertainment value. He certainly blows his top once or twice per game, lastest one being at Yeast after the TD was called back.....

It's a good match; you have the most intense coach in the league, and the most intense QB in the league. My guess is that one of Joe Paopao's jobs is (or should be) to hand out Valium to Marshall and Maas at appropriate times and whisper to them "guys, it's just a GAME"

That said, keep him around. Remember Calgary last year....lots of great new additions, took the team time to gel; same will be the case in Hamilton...I expect you guys to be in the east final this year against Montreal. Don't let me down!