How long will Jenkins last ?

Anyone want to speculate how long Jenkins is gonna last ? I say 10 games. What do you think ? :?:

Jenkins will be there until he runs out of quarterbacks.Concussions can do that to people.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

If the Gades don't start signing some good O-line talent to prop up JJ's system, whomever is taking the snaps (KJ, Banks) will be flat on their back more times than you can count.
Lonie, Forrest - Let's see some major progress come Feb. 15!

5 games at the most.

he'll do fine this year

I think he'll last the year because Lonie would be too stubborn to admit his mistakes.

I think the real question is how many games will it take for the fans to be peeved off at Forrest. It'll be good for a laugh for sure.

Jenkins will do fine this year, why are you guys already against him? He hasn't even played a game yet so why not wait until he does,then we can form an opinion. I think he knows alot about offence, so we should be good there, but who'd he bring in for def co-ordinator? that concerns me more

about 3 secords if Ottawa is lucky

How long will Jenk's last ,.....all the way to winning season !!!

I wonder if any of us will live long enough for this to happen?