How long will Edmonton be in last place?

IMO i think for the rest of the season :lol: they place BC next, another win for BC :stuck_out_tongue: what do you think?

Nothing is carved in stone. My Lions have been inconsistant this year. While three in a row would be nice (and consistant), I'm expecting a very fired up Eskimo team comming into BC Place on Friday. This is NOT a gimme for the Lions!

Esks seem to play the Lions well, regardless of their record and like Sport said, it's not a gimme.

I'm actually picking the Esks this week. I just can't see them losing three straight, and while BC has looked solid recently, they still have been pretty up & down so far in this young season. That said, I would still consider an Edmonton win as an upset.

Hopefully all season!! Time for the streak to end.

simple answer all year long

Maybe the Esks players will crank it up a notch once Maciocia is fired...

I doubt the Esks will stay in last place for long. They have too much talent and pride to continue the way they are.

The esks team this year has not resembled any other esks team I've seen. The pride and winning tradition is just non-existent throughout the team this year. It seems as if they aren't going out there to try and win, but rather just to take their paycheck IMO. The coaching staff continues to make this team struggle even more. I don't even want to get started on Maciocca and Rick Campbell on their offensive and defensive schemes. Only 6 games into the season, I'm already giving up all my expectations for this team. I'll still watch and go to all the games, but this is by far the worst team the esks have seen in years.

While I'd love to see the 33 year long streak end, I'm not going to write off the Esks until they are mathematically eliminated. Eski-moses points out that last year they started out 0-3 and won the Grey Cup.

I'll wait before I go to the funeral!

Although, I must admit, its a pleasure not having to read Rickywhatsmynamethisweek trash the opposition posters. He’s been keeping a low profile lately.

The Eskimos now realize how important Jason Maas was to their success! Wonder what they'd have to give up to get him back?

untill AJ Gass gets back :lol: :lol: :lol:

nah…i say for at least the bext 3 or 4 more games… and then after that them and calgary will be down there switching spots the rest of the year

Maas? He wouldn’t do a thing for this team right now.

The entire offensive scheme is leading to the downfall of this team as a whole. Defensively, the secondary is playing like copmlete shit, and the pass rush is non-existent.

Although they are 2-4 , I not going to write them off either. This team still has lots of talent, and can turn it up a notch at any time. If they get their red zone problems ironed out, then we will see the Esks team we all love to hate… :lol:

The West is so close right now that I can easily see any team turning it on and really pulling away from the pack. By no means can any Western team be counted out at this point in the season. That said I wouldn't mind seeing Edmonton in last for the entire season.

I don't believe for a second that Edmonton will finish in the basement.
I wouldn't be surprised to see a record of 10-8 take first place in the West.

I can't see Edmonton finishing in the basement either...but it sure would be nice. :smiley:

When I type about the Eskimoes, I put felt pads on the keys so that I won't wake them up. The longer they sleep the better I feel. Nothing personal, just have made our lives miserable for too long.

ditto Bird, lets hope they stay there.