How long will Buck Pierce be healthy?

So how long will Buck Pierce stay healthy until Mr. Glass breaks something? I'm putting the over/under at 8.5 games, but lets see what YOU think....

I think he's due to have some luck, playoffs.

I choose the 14-18 games option. Hope Buck stays healthy, would be nice to see him play out the Blue Bombers season.

I think he will get hurt, but this time it will be a thumb or something similar that will allow him to be back for the playoffs. However in a cruel twist of fate the Bombers will once again fail to make it into the postseason leaving a healthy Pierce to practice on his golf and those guns that Blue_Blood likes so much.

I hope this doesn’t happen (well maybe about the Bombers missing the playoffs) but I fear it might.

He'll probably fall over walking to the teams first practice and break his throwing hand or something...

Should someone start a poll on how many concussions Cory Boyd will suffer this season? He had 3 last year (one in TC, two during the season).

Man, Bombers fans are so easy to rile up. :lol:

I voted pre-season. :lol: But in all seriousness, probably the first third of the season.

I gave him between 4-8 games... after his 2nd or 3rd game out with his injury, the fans will be wondering why they didn't keep Jyles.... :lol:

I'm going to bet 4-8. I think he'll be lucky if he gets away this season with a minor injury (broken thumb, twisted ankle etc etc)

...Hey lets be fair here....Why don't we start a poll on whose starter of ALL CFL TEAMS is going to be out of action first..

...We could start with

T.O.....two on the sidelines already
Hamilton.....Fragile Glenn.....Good possibility
Mont.....Calvillos ...he's getting on
EDM.....Ray....he's getting long in the tooth
B.C....Lulay will probably have to be replaced by Jackson at some point whose injury record ain't good
CAL....Burris has been injury free...but ya just never know...he ain't that young anymore
SASK.....Durant has been dinged before....maybe his luck will run out...

I left off Wpg. and Buck...cuz obviously there is so much concern for Pierce that a thread on it's own had to be created :lol: :lol: ....I'm going with the argos as being the club who'll have trouble keeping their qbs. on the field :wink:

This Bomber fan gets tired of the hyprocrisy of some fans. How many people here said Pierce should pack it in because he had 3 concussions in 18 months when he was with the Lions and yet there isn't a peep out of those same people about Cory Boyd packing it in because he had 3 concussions in less than 5 months. How many games has Wayne Smith missed due to injury yet no calls for him to retire. Where's all the "Tristan Jackson is glass" comments after all the injuries he's had in the past two years.

It's also the apparent joy that some people are taking over the prospects of a player being injured whether it's Buck Pierce or Jesse Lumsden or anyone that is rather sickening IMO.

Lulay's had a few injuries already. He missed a few games in 2009 with a concussion before having a shoulder injury end his season.

Getting a solid oline infront of him would go a long way to keeping him healthy but, the guy is just such a competitor that he refuses to give up on a play. He is going to have to change his mindset if he wants to last, it's okay to turtle sometimes.

Nah, I think it'll be the fans suffering from twisted ankles...

2 games lol

You guys are all just scared out of your mind's at the thought of Pierce playing a full season and tearing your pathetic squads a new one. Typical tear it down to build up your own insecurities. :cowboy:

Who voted for Playoffs? Blue Blood? papa? :lol:

....bang-on especially applies to evildoctor and hammer...they seem to be quite apprehensive about Bucks health :lol: :lol:

They're just jealous of the guns Buck's sporting now. :wink:

Not one vote for GC? LOL!! Is because NO ONE thinks he can play an entire season healthy OR that the BooBummers won't make it that far? :rockin: :smiley:

Actually when you guys played the Riders for the Labour Day Classic, when Buck started you lost when Jyles started, you sh*it pumped us. hmmmmm? and umm so you guys think Peirce is the next big thing becuase he lead you to a 2-0 start? things change boys and sometimes not for the better