How long until Tom Higgins gets the boot?

I'm surprised Montreal has gone this long with him at the helm. Although it's nice to see them in the basement after all those years being among the top teams in the league. :slight_smile:

WOW! I might of been premature with that post. What a return. WOW!

But why did Higgins not go for 2 to tie. Only 3 minutes left - down by 2 after that return and he kicks the single to still trail. Why???

Even if you miss the two a field goal can still win it for you.

“I might HAVE been premature with that post”

Did someone change the English language when I wasn’t looking?

This is a Gms issue not a coaches, can't do much if you don't have a qb or decent team. This is Popp's issue

Montreal was into the wind in the 4th (another coaching mistake by Higgins) so going for 2 was pretty important. Big coaching blunder.

Why fire Higgins? They're currently tied for second in the east and only 4 points out of first. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not long I'd imagine. Then Montreal can pay another coach.

The bigger question is probably how long until the owner starts crying poor and demanding a new CBA because he can only afford to pay 30 coaches and consultants at once? :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you fire Higgins, does Garcia fill his spot? :roll:

Hopefully staying for the next 4 years, if they want to rebuild. By the way who finds the players 2 or 3 years ahead of time???
Not sure. Oh it was Higgins fault. Gee use your heads. Every team that wins will eventually fall and go through a rebuilding process for sure.

they need a new OC and new playbook.

He gets to the end of the year for one reason -> Garcia/Matthews/Schonert.

The decision has been made to bolster the regime, not dismantle it. Popp will not dismantle something that he just bolstered 2 weeks before.

Which equals off-season changes, not in-season changes.

Agreed. Although the new regime may well have Schonert and Garcia as HC and OC. Don’t know if they are the best choices but at least they would “hit the ground running” in terms of knowing the players and having had some “lab time” to test which of their tweaks worked and which didn’t with those players.

Higgins may not be to blame for the players on the field, but he is to blame for the gong show on the field. Even talentless teams can look focused and organized. And his decision to coach special teams means he is responsible for the poor punt and kickoff returns since the first game of the season (the missed field goal in Regina is a horse of a different colour).

How many coaches have the Als gone through? Fired their HC four games into last season. Fired their OC in this year's preseason. They've brought in three different "consultants." The last thing this team needs is more changes in the coaching ranks. They need some continuity so they can start to build something.

And the guy who made the biggest impact was Doug Berry … and they didn’t bring him back.

Could it be the problems in Montreal go way beyond the head coach? The Troy Smith experiment has been very costly. As we found out in Winnipeg, no matter who the head coach is you can't go far without a consistent quarterback. The team sure did not make the Riders look like a Grey Cup championship team. Brink was moving the ball even in the face of a very good Dline and the fumble deep in the red zone might have cost them the game.

I wish him luck but somewhere else than here. :slight_smile:

Brink looked ok until he was asked to throw the ball beyond 15 yards.

I am curious who Popp had promised the OC position to. Too bad we will never know.